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FIFA 20 Volta: All stadium in the street mode - Playground guide

2019-08-13 19:31:45

This guide brings you the latest in FIFA 20 Volta, since a new breakthrough has been launched showing gameplay, we also show you the stadiums in street mode.

In this game FIFA 20 Volta allows you to play and compete in stadiums in street mode, (also known as playgrounds), distributed throughout the world, has personalized avatars. At the moment a new advance has just been launched where it shows us the gameplay and it is important to know the options to customize the players.

How many stadium "playgrounds" does FIFA 20 Volta have

In this case FIFA 20 Volta will have seventeen different playgrounds worldwide, this includes from the USA to Japan, it offers you the possibility to customize your squad in many ways, the most impressive thing is that you can bring professional teams to the stadiums in Street mode

What FIFA 20 Volta stadium "playgrounds" include

In these stadiums in the FIFA 20 Volta street world, depending on the country you choose includes many varieties to know: first we place the Warehouse: in this case you can play a 3v3 wherever you want in the world, even in this vaulted warehouse.

If we focus on the cities in Paris: you can play in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, in Amsterdam: you will have a sandy urban environment, in Tokyo you will find a horizon full of neon and sand reflectors, in Barcelona: you will enjoy the historical sources of the city.

Continuing the list of FIFA 20 Volta cities with stadiums in street mode we find London: the EU takes it where most of the professionals started, the cage of the United Kingdom. In Rome: we find earthy terrain in a rural area surrounded by houses. In Berlin: we find a modern indoor soccer field in the Germany capital.

In Cape Town: we have a grass field where we observe a suburban backdrop. In New York: you can play in the Hudson, you will see the New York skyline in the background. In Mexico City there is a dark lower field surrounded by a cage. In Los Angeles, previous FIFA was taken into account.

In Rio de Janeiro he also returns to FIFA 18 in the field located in the largest favela of the river. You can also play in Lagos where lighting is a novelty of the game. In Buenos Aires you will have a futsal field that will be surrounded by a multitude of Argentines. To end with these impressive places we have Miami a basketball court converted into a 3-on-3 course, complete with graffiti. Also how many parking lots where you can play.

What are the rules in FIFA 20 Volta

In FIFA 20 Volta there is a set of rules to consider, among them you should not have substitutes, offside or lessons, cards. It also has different types of matches that include Rush Keepers and Street with guadianes.

In stadiums in street mode you can play with or without walls, something very interesting is that you can choose between large, medium and small fields. In small games you have 3 minutes, something you should know is that in Volta there are no free throws.

In futsal, the accumulated fouls are used, with 6 fouls it is a penalty kick, the rule that may seem strange to you in this game is that the last-second goals are valid if you manage to enter the net after the whistle, but you must Run before time runs out.

Dear readers, we hope that this FIFA 20 Volta guide has been very useful for clarifying your doubts as well as knowing the different scenarios that will function as stadiums in the street world. Remember that you must know the rules well to avoid incurring fouls during a match.

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