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FIFA 20: How to get season objectives XP - tips and tricks

2019-09-20 16:30:57

The season goals are the illusion of FIFA 20 players, through this guide we will tell you how to  get season objectives XP through our tips and tricks.

FIFA 20 has always added new things to us year after year, the new objectives of Season, nowadays it is the most interesting thing for Ultimate Team players, in this opportunity you must know how to achieve XP objectives of season in the game.

How to  get seasons objectives XP in FIFA 20

The first thing you should do is be able to reach level 30, in the first season, for this you must have 100,000 XP available, from this moment until the first days of November, so you should know how to get seasonal XP goals easier and faster.

In FIFA 20, you will have to visit the season objectives tab on a permanent basis, you must keep in mind that the objectives are updated every day, with some simple things like buying a game or just playing one, with this you can get XP daily. You will also have the option of some objectives, which you can complete through the web or complementary applications, you just need to be aware of your PC or the consul.

Another of our tips is that you do not stop avoiding friendly matches and squad battles, they may not be much to your liking but they can give you a lot of XP, you do not have to despair so soon, you will have more than a month so you can complete your Seasons objectives, your interest depends on everything.

 Thank you for always being with us, we hope that our guide has been very helpful in FIFA 20, and you can  get seasons objectives XP, follow our tips and tricks if you want to get the best XP.

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