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FIFA 20: How to score penalties and Free Kicks - Score Every Time

2019-09-25 17:38:30

If you still do not know how to score penalties and free kicks in FIFA 0, do not worry, because in this guide we will tell you everything you need to know.

If there is something that you have to take into account in FIFA 20 are the penalties and free throws and especially considering that they now have a new system of taking fixed pieces that made several changes which will make you ask how to write penalties and shots free.

So we have prepared a guide with everything, but everything you need to know about scoring penalties and free throws in FIFA 20, so you can quickly and easily master this aspect of the game.

How to score penalties and free kicks in FIFA 20?

    First let's talk about penalties.

The first point in our guide on how to score penalties and free kicks, is that the arrow with which you were aiming at the moment of charging a penalty, has been replaced by a circle that can be moved by the goal at the time of aiming, which It allows you to have greater precision when making copper, no matter how far you are.

Another aspect that has changed has been sensitivity, the circle is now much more sensitive to be able to have greater precision, so you will have to be careful when aiming, although it will not be complicated to get used to it so do not worry.

If you want to get a good shot, we recommend choosing a good penalty collector to have more opportunities. You can select the collector using the R2 button if you are a PlayStation 4 user and if you are an Xbox One user use the RT button.

Once you are ready to collect, aim very slowly using the left stick.

If you want a recommendation to have many possibilities to place the ball inside the goal, we recommend you shoot towards the upper right or upper left corner since these are the most complicated points for the goalkeeper to reach and we also recommend doing it with two power bars.

    Turn of the free throws.

Unlike the penalties, the changes made in the FIFA 20 free throws have been much more convincing, with changes even in the design which will allow for example to apply spins in the direct free throws using the right joystick.

There will be four turns you can do and they are the following:

Mixed, this spin works like Side Spin, but you won't have to move R completely over the side of the stick restrictions.

Top turn, to make this turn you will have to move R from the bottom up leading a straight or normal run.

Side turn, to make this turn you will have to move R in a semicircle from the bottom up, to the right or to the left with normal, straight or side.

Knuckle Ball, to make this turn you will have to move R from bottom to top and then down with normal or straight forward.

For the collection of free throws we will also have the circle that will allow us to aim.

In this installment of FIFA 20 it is not allowed to move the player before firing the free throw, instead, you will have to choose between three predetermined firing positions.

As with the penalty penalty, you will want to choose a good free thrower to take advantage of the opportunity.

To adjust the stroke angle you must use the right joystick, depending on the speed in which you move it, the movement you will put on the ball will be affected.

In short-range free throws we recommend using Side or Top Spin, while for long shots we recommend using Knuckle Ball.

The power bar setting handle it to two bars being between 25 and 30 yards away. To be more likely to score we recommend aiming outside the goalpost and keeping the curve inside the goal, you can also point to the side or above the goal and use the top or side turn to bend it.

Using Knuckleball if you can aim where you want to shoot.

This is how our guide on how to score penalties and free kicks ends, and precisely now you know how to score penalties and free kicks, we hope you can take full advantage of FIFA 20.

Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
EA Vancouver, EA Romania
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Release date:
27 September 2019

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