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FIFA 20 Career Mode: All the New Career Mode

2019-08-14 17:49:57

Through this guide we will guide you regarding the FIFA 20 game, here we will give you a brief explanation of all the career mode news that you should know about this game.

We know that FIFA's career mode has been configured with significant changes for FIFA 20, nor have new features been introduced despite the fact that fans have asked EA. It is appropriate to highlight the biggest changes we have, which is why we leave all the new career mode.

What are the key features of FIFA 20 in career mode.

In FIFA 20 the EA announced several significant changes in volta, currently you only have the option to choose from a set of avatars to represent you the manager in career mode, but thanks to EA technology you can do much better .

One of  All the New Career Mode that we leave you is that you can customize the appearance in créate player, since you will not have Game Face technology.

What are the transfer offers in FIFA 20

In FIFA 20 we can notice something that is becoming more common every day with the real world, are the agreements outside the transfer windows, with all the new players of the club when opening the next transfer window.

You can remember when in Frenkie de Jong de Ajax when he joined Barcelona, ​​that agreement was in January, very similar to Chelsea's agreement with Christian, this can help you with part of the budget as well as the prize money at the end of the FIFA season20 .

As we well know the monthly installments, bonuses and loan movements along with the opinion of purchases are fundamental in modern football, but after many years we still do not see it in FIFA 20.

However, the players have requested the transfer of AI in a more realistic way, you can remember that the FIFA 19 career mode has only the option to bring young people, in the previous versions you can update each member one level at Same time.

Every decision you make in the FIFA 20 Career mode will have a consequence.

You should know all the new career Mode FIFA 20 , from the press conferences to the rotation of the team, keep in mind that all the transfers you can make will be very important since they will give you a very important and direct impact to your team.

We advise you to inspire your team with the best answers for when they need to give new press conferences, which you should be aware of the key moments of the season.

In FIFA 20 we can ensure that the administrator functions are better in all new career mode, as it allows you to manage your team and thus have your star man in his field. It only remains to take control of the potential OVR, and remember that the better games the better your power as a player.

We hope that this FIFA 20 guide has served to clarify all your doubts about this new version, since you know all the new career mode you just have to be the best on the court.

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