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Far Cry New Dawn Guide: How to Get Ethanol

2019-05-18 16:17:04

Find out how to get Ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn.

In Far Cry New Dawn there is an element called Ethanol, which is able to improve the prosperity of your base of operations, which will give you the possibility of manufacturing better vehicles, weapons, and will give you more health, among other skills. In addition, the complete improvement of Prosperity gives you the My Little Fortress trophy.

There are three different ways to get Ethanol:

1. Through the capture of outposts you get a reward between 100-450 ethanol.
2. You can also get it from the supply drops, with a reward between 35-40 of ethanol.
3. For the delivery of tankers to outposts you get a reward of 75 ethanol.

Far Cry New Dawn - How To Get Ethanol & Outfits Fast

1. Ethanol from Outposts

It's the fastest way to obtain ethanol, there are 10 outposts in total and you can easily locate them on the map by the black smoke that comes out of them, you should also know that if you manage to capture Outposts very carefully, you'll get ethanol bonuses. By capturing it you can eliminate it, doing this will give you extra ethanol. However, advanced level opponents can recover it, making it more difficult to capture, although it also increases the reward of winning more ethanol. The maximum range per outpost is range III, this gives you 300 ethanol in the +150 capture by stealth. The best strategy is to capture the highest number of outposts in Rank I, since doing this will allow you to improve the weapons workbench in Prosperity, to later face the high level ones. If you like, you can restart it the number of times you want.

2. Ethanol from Supply Drops

These are randomly removed from the aircraft and a yellow smoke emanates. The supply drops are guarded by a group of enemies. To capture them you can travel to an animal hunting place and stand for 1 or 2 minutes and the drop in supply will appear.

3. Ethanol from Tanker Trucks

The first thing you should do is release an outpost and wait in a street near the post until an ethanol tanker passes. Steal the truck and direct it to the outpost. Although the monsters are random, they must appear in a few minutes, they are highly explosive, so you must be very cautious before boarding the truck.