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Fallout 76: Where to Find the Enclave and how join them

2019-06-11 21:11:38

 Where to find the enclave in Fallout 76 is not exactly an easy question to answer, since knowing where to find the enclave of Fallout 76 represents practically at the end of the action RPG developed by Bethesda Fallout 76.

Finding the enclave implies a fairly long and complete search in Fallout 76, the search involves having to kill several Deathclaws just to start the main thread of the mission.

Knowing where to find the enclave in Fallout 76 will not be a quick task and as we already mentioned it will not be easy to complete either, but we have already covered it all once more.

The Fallout 76 Enclave are not exactly good. They think they are the only "pure" people in Fallout 76, so joining them is not something that everyone will want, even some will simply prefer not to know where to find the enclave. But unfortunately if you want to spend Fallout 76 there are not many choices you can make.

Fallout 76: How to Join the Enclave

Where to find the enclave of Fallout 76 and join them.

Naturally, to join the enclave in Fallout 76, first of all, you have to know where to find the enclave in Fallout 76.

And to know where to find the enclave of Fallout 76, you'll have to find the bunker enclave. This bunker is located within the Whitespring terrain, marked as the Whitespring bunker on the map, but you will have to go very far to enter it.

For this you will have to go to the southern part of the region and look for Appalachia. On the east side of the river, north of the town of Tangara and east south of Belle Motel, you will find a bum. There you will begin the path to find the enclave in Fallout 76.

But try to be prepared to fight two Deathclaws, it does not matter if you exterminate them separately using some tactics or skill, the fact is that you have to finish both.

Once you finish with the Deathclaws, enter and when you reach the end of the section, you will see a Deathclaw on the left side of the cave, and one on the right. One of them is asleep and the other one gets up regularly.

Wait a bit to see if anyone is patrolling the cave, if so, shoot him to attract him and go with him to the entrance, where the barrels are, although you can simply shoot him to finish him off. and start the fight to find the enclave of Fallout 76 from there. Eliminate one and then wake up and finish with the other.

Once you're done with both, the next thing you'll have to do to know where to find the enclave in Fallout 76, will be to go to the left side and hug the wall to the upper left corner, where you'll find the body of an Enclave Agent. Take everything the agent has and go through the cave. When you are almost done, look for the elevators and use the search object to activate the controls and descend to the bunker.

This will unlock the "Bunker Buster" mission. In this mission you will have to go through the bunker calmly and see everything there is to find. Find the manual reset note of the security system and follow the instructions to unlock the other part of the bunker.

Move forward as you complete the missions, until you complete the Buster bunker and get the Bunker Buster missile launcher.

How to join the Enclave in Fallout 76.

After finding the enclave of Fallout 76 you will now want to know how to join it. After completing the bunker and getting the missile launcher, you will unlock the "One of Us" mission. In this mission you will have to tour the Whitespring Bunker. Return to the bunker and you can go through the laser safety nets.

You can see how the vault door opens and you can access inside the last remaining base of the Enclave in Appalachia.

Inside you can see the AI ​​supervisor of the bunker, Modus, who will give you a speech about Enclave. Then you will have to complete a task that is part of the mission "One of us, in which you will have to go to Sugar Grove in the Savage Divide region, kill all the robots that are inside and return back to the Whitespring.

Keep completing the tasks that Modus is indicating, this will help you in addition to joining the enclave, it will also serve to increase your rank in the Enclave.

By killing Scorchbeasts and all that, you will have access to the nuclear silos throughout the map. Although you can do it however you want, just keep in mind that you will have to climb a lot of range before finally finishing Fallout 76.

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