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Fallout 76 mutations: How to get mutations - Tips and tricks

2019-07-18 22:47:57

It is no longer necessary for you to keep searching, because today we are going to tell you everything you need to know about how to get mutations in Fallout 76.

The first thing you need to know about how to get mutations in Fallout 76 is that you basically need to expose yourself to radiation in the game, for this you have Toxic Valley water, rotten meat, creatures that have already been contaminated with radiation, or areas where there has been a nuclear explosion. Each 5 HP of radiation gives you a 5% chance to obtain a mutation at random, which you can accumulate if you have enough radiation to do it.

How to remove a mutation in Fallout 76

Now that you know how to get mutations, if you want to eliminate a mutation you will have to go to a contamination chamber, although this is not always the most reliable option, so you can also use RadAway and eliminate a random mutation every time you use it.

But what you want is not to get infected with any mutation in Fallout 76, you will have to use the adequate protection, suits or masks against radioactive gases.

How to eliminate radiation and keep the mutation in Falout 76.

You already know how to get mutations, how to eliminate them, however, many times you will want to eliminate the radiation, but keeping the mutation. For this you need to have the benefit of starchy genes at level 2. This what it does is to prevent RadAway from eliminating some mutation, but it will only eliminate the radiation.

Another form a little more radical, is to die, although this does not eliminate the radiation literally speaking, but only a small percentage of it is removed.

Now that you know all this, and above all the most important how to get mutations, we will leave you the complete list of mutations that you can get in Fallout 76 below:

Unstable isotope, gives you a 10% chance to release an explosion of radiation when executing melee attacks, however, the explosion will do you some damage.

Scaly skin, increased damage and energy resistance at +50 - Action points -50.

Heels, makes drilling attacks produce an increase of 25% damage and bleed damage - Agility -4.

Adrenal reaction: this mutation allows you to increase the damage with weapons at low HP - maximum HP -50.

Chameleon, if you are unarmed and you stay motionless you can be invisible, as long as you remain immobile.

Twisted muscles, increased attack in close combat up to 25% more damage and generates greater precision by paralyzing the limbs - weapons reduced by 50%.

Bird Bones, grants agility +4 and allows you to fall much higher - Strength -4.

Egg head, intelligence increase + 6 - Strength -3 and Resistance -3.

Carnivore, you will not get sick from eating meat, but rather you will receive double the bonus for doing it - eating fruits and vegetables will not calm your level of hunger.

Herbivorous: inverse to the carnivorous mutation, the herbivore will satisfy your hunger by eating fruits and vegetables, while the meat will not satisfy you.

Eagle eyes, critical damage increase + 25% and Perception + 4 - Strength -4.

Devil speed, increase your speed by moving up to 20% and recharge faster - and gives 50% more drainage in hunger and thirst while you move.

Herd mentality: your partners receive +2 in all the special statistics when grouped while you get -2 in all the special statistics being alone.

With electric charge, you can stun any enemy that tries to deal damage to me, although this will take a little bit of damage to you as well.

Marsupial, increase of the weight load to +20 and as well as jump height - Intelligence -4.

Plague Walker, gives you a poisonous aura that gives you more damage while more diseases you have.

Healing factor, gives health regeneration of + 300% - chemical effects -55%.

Empath, the damage inflicted on your companions will be reduced by 25% - while you co un get 33% more damage to Earth: energy resistance + 100 - energy damage -50%.

How to get mutations of sera in Fallout 76.

If you belong to Enclave and you climb high enough you can buy mutation sera for a small fee of 5,000 capsules, so you have enough to access them you can do so, however, if not, you will have to save for a good weather.

Another on how to get mutations of sera is to go to the scientific wing of the Whitespring Bunker in Fallout 76 and acquire them with the seller of terminals of science MODUS who varies the sera of mutations that he has constantly, so, if you are looking for one in particular, you may have to go several times.

If you want to create your own recipes you can buy them, although these are much more expensive, 20,000 capsules each.

How to get the best mutations in Fallout 76.

You already know how to get mutations, so now you need to know which are the best, all have good things and some not so good, so you will have to buy the positive and negative aspects of them.

Personally, the ones I like the most and consider the best are the Marsupial because it allows you to jump and reach intricate places, Carnivore is another very good for those who are not vegetarians and Twisted Muscles for lovers of hand-to-hand combat.

Finally, now you know everything you need to know about how to get mutations in Fallout 76 and everything related to mutations.

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