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Fallout 76: How to Find rabbits - location and why yo need it

2019-05-27 21:40:03

In the post-apocalyptic world where Fallout 76 is set, developer Bethesda has a few ways to keep his players' attention. Among those forms are the big events like the Project Paradise DLC as well as the daily challenges. As for the latter, the smaller challenges have a tendency to be a good way to earn a few Atoms with which to achieve a few aesthetic improvements. One of the daily missions leads the players to hunt a few rabbits because of this, in this guide we will leave details about a good location to get rabbits in Fallout 76 and how important it's to get it.

Fallout 76 - Kill Rabbit while under the influence of Hoppy Hunter - Daily Challenge

How to find rabbits in Fallout 76: the best rabbit location Fallout 76

Although in Fallout 76 there are several places where you think you can find rabbits, not everyone is guaranteed that they will show rabbits.

Among the places where there are good possibilities to find rabbits are:

+ The surroundings of the house on the railroad tracks south of the Sunnytop Station
+ The road to the northeast of the Monongah Mine
+ East of Garrahan Mining Headquarters
+ To the west of Camp Adams

However, along with the aforementioned are also other places where it's possible to get rabbits.

A very particular location where it's said that these rabbits are quite likely to be found is in the Whitespring Bunker or Whitespring Service Entrance just south of Whitespring. Over the bunker doors there is a small hill where it is guaranteed that it's very possible to find the Fallout 76 rabbits in the brush.

Overcoming the challenge of killing rabbits in Fallout 76 generates Atoms

Although rabbits themselves do not give a special article and can not even be considered an enemy, because they do not make attacks, you can think that there is no reason to kill them, however there is. Rabbits are the target in a daily challenge that is based on killing them under the influence of the Hoppy Hunter drink. Said drink was introduced as part of the Wild Appalachia season. In the challenge you will have to drink it and go to kill the rabbit, which in turn will give about 20 Atoms that do not turn out to be bad at all.

Since you have this information, now go hunting as many rabbits as you can to overcome many of these challenges. Don't forget to share this article with your friends, as it can also be helpful. Remember to always return here, xboxplay.games and leave comments with your expleriences in the game, questions or details that you want to add to help other players in the community.

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