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Fallout 76: How To Find Ballistic Fiber - Tips and tricks

2019-07-18 19:53:41

This time we bring you tips and tricks on how to find ballistic fiber in Fallout 76.

In the development of the trip of Fallout 76 your skills, armor etc. will increase. we must find ballistic fiber since this is a material to increase the performance of armor and weapons, despite having many different materials, for this reason this challenge of finding ballistic fiber in Fallout 76 draws the attention of the players since the launch of the game.

Here we are going to help you clarify the questions to find ballistic fiber, this is one of the most difficult materials to find in Fallout 76 but it is very valuable.

What should I know before finding ballistic fiber in Fallout 76?

For fallout 4 it was the first time this material was seen, it is a lightweight and durable synthetic fiber. It can be used to create and repair metal armor.

Now you should know that you can also create armor without the ballistic fiber, but it is necessary for you to protect yourself from explosions, so you have to improve the armor with the dense mod and you must have 6 ballistic fibers for this, the utility will be more important When dealing with car and beast explosions, this is why it is important to find ballistic fiber in Fallout 76.

To the reinforcements you can apply the dense mod, when obtaining the plans, if you have the materials the dense mod is very useful. But every time an armor is going to be repaired you must find ballistic fiber as you will need it, as you advance in Fallout 76 you will realize that each armor has a different utility and as such each armor must be updated individually, so if you find Ballistic fiber will have many ways to use it in Fallout 76.

How to find ballistic fiber in Fallout 76?

In Fallout 76 you can find ballistic fiber with some vendors that have it in bulk, it has 10 units and can be purchased at the Watoga station. Its cost varies over time, its base cost is 154 caps, it can be said that this option would be the worst to find ballistic fiber in Fallout 76, but it is the fastest way to do it. You should never pay for something that you can also get for free. This option exists but there are other ways to find ballistic fiber in Fallout 76.

The best option to find ballistic fiber in Fallout 76 will be scrapping items. At this moment you have 4 elements that will produce ballistic fiber when discarded, military ammunition bags, military grade adhesive tape, the piezonucleic lining and the curly wing. Previously, the chassis of an electric armor produced from 1 to 5 ballistic fibers, but this option was already removed for Fallout 76. This is why finding ballistic fiber is much more difficult since its function is of unknown manufacture.

The bags of military ammunition and the adhesive tape for each of these when discarded can produce 2 ballistic fibers for each one, these can be found in the military camps and fortresses that are in the desert. To find military ammunition bags you can do it in Fort Defiance, southwest of Cranberry Bog. In this place there are 10 bags that will make you about 20 ballistic fibers.

You can also find ballistic fiber by means of the piezonucleic lining since it will produce 2, but unlike Fallout 4, there is no reliable place to find the piezonucleic lining. So while you can be anywhere in the world, there is no way to get this object.

Finally we have the mothman broken wings, this translates into 2 acidic fibers and a ballistics, from time to time these wings can be found torn from men to dead butterflies. At the end of the road a butterfly man is generated in Landview Lighthouse. Another possibility is at Whitespring Resort to the southwest in the vicinity of Highway 83A

Despite this there are no methods that guarantee us to end the butterflies, since the cost of the ammunition and danger that comes with hunting them, then this is also not an accurate way to find ballistic fiber in Fallout 76. But just in case it is good Know if you run into one.

What will be the best option to find ballistic fiber in Fallout 76?

There should be no doubt that to find ballistic fiber in Fallout 76 the best option is to go to all military locations on the map and look for military ammo bags and duct tape. Starting from Fort McClintock in the northwest, you can usually find 4 bags of ammunition, 2 inside the main building and the other in the tents outside the building.

The building is very large, which will take a long time to search, if you have time it is best to check all the rooms of the fort. If you finished searching here, you can grab the elevator until you reach the upper floor, here you can get a few bags of ammunition and more tape.

After this go to the other places where there are normally bags of military ammunition, such as Camp Venture, Watoga Civic Center, Clancy Manor, The Thorn, Firebase Hancock, Forward Station Alpha, Spruce Knob and Sons of Dane, these are the only places to get bags of military ammunition safely.

You may need a server to find these elements, since they are of great importance for everyone who plays Fallout 76, this is the best way to find ballistic fiber. What you must do is to end the session and start it again, you will be on a new server. If you already went to Fort defiance, you can restart your game and the object will be like that again. This form is tedious but it will fulfill what you want to achieve.

The best strategy to find ballistic fiber is to stock up well so that it does not run out when you need to repair quickly. By doing this you will feel comfortable with the advantage that you will have in Fallout 76.

Where to Find Ballistic Fiber, Military Ammo Bags Farm - Ballistic Fiber Farm Location

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