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Fallout 76: How to Find Arktos Pharma

2019-05-24 13:45:43

Discover how to find Arktos Pharma in Fallout 76.

Recently a new update of Project Paradise was released for Fallout 76 and with it a new Arktos Pharma location. If you want to know how to find it, continue reading.

What is Arktos Pharma?

It basically consists of an abandoned building with a dungeon below that fills all kinds of goodies, located in the eastern part of the forest region north of Sutton.

As far as the aerial part of the laboratory is concerned, it doesno't offer much, except for a Nuka-Cola machine and a vending machine for medical supplies located in the atrium area.

Project Paradise: Hidden Beneath Arktos Pharma - Patch 9.5 for Fallout 76 Live with Oxhorn

Arktos Pharma in Fallout 76.

Behind the cover of the receptionist right on the floor you'll find a hidden safe and not only that, you'll also find a terminal in operation, which controls the turrets on the outside.

In the west of the building, you'll find stairs that lead you to the loading dock of the laboratory, this contains a fusion generator with a fusion core, an armor work table and a weapons work table.

When using the elevator in the lobby, you can enter the area of ​​the dungeon, it'll begin the search for the Paradise Project.

To complete the mission follow this sequence:

Initialize the experiment in the terminal under the lobby
Fill the feeders:

- Deer in Habitat A
- Sludge in habitat B
- Radkelp in habitat C
- Defend your animals from three waves of predators.
- Defend your animals from the alpha predator.

Once you have completed the search, collect all the loot of the laboratory.

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