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Fallout 76: How to build a CAMP all you need to know for a perfect home base

2019-06-11 14:32:34

 In order to generate a truly solid base in Fallout 76 it is necessary to build a camp and even though you can find a lot of equipment a lot of equipment in the badlands, and use the old CAMP of the Supervisor, you will need to build your own camp. Although clearly the latter will take more time will be necessary. But do not worry, we have a guide for you to know how to build your own camp in Fallout 76, in this guide we will give you details, tips so you can build your own CAMP in Fallout 76 sufficiently protected.

Tips & Tricks for Building Camps in Fallout 76

The first thing you have to create to build a camp in Fallout 76.

  • 1. The first thing you have to create when building a camp in Fallout 76 are:
  • 2. Armor workbench (6 aluminum, 4 gears, 3 screws, 3 springs, 3 wooden).
  • 3. Weapons work bench (6 aluminum, 3 gears, 3 screws, 3 rubber, 4 wood).
  • 4. Sleeping bag (4 cloths).
  • 5. Turret (1 Circuit, 2 gears, 2 Oil).
  • 6. Cooking station (2 wooden, 2 steel).

For the preparation of some more advanced furniture you will have to plan these during trips to Appalachia, these will unlock the options to assemble them. A red padlock in the menu image will indicate which elements will need plans to be elaborated. If a circle with a red line comes out, it means that you do not have enough resources for the elaboration.

Use the Overseers camp at the beginning.

If you are just starting out in Fallout 76, do not expect to build a camp immediately, building a camp in Fallout 76 is something that really takes time, so do not think it will be something that you will have from the first moment in Fallout 76. Initially you will have to depend on the supervisor's camp that is in the early stages of the main search.

The supervisor's camp is already fully built, in addition, it has a weapons workbench, an armor workbench, a cooking station and a stash, so it really is a fairly complete camp. As you get materials to build your camp you can start doing it, meanwhile you will have to depend on the supervisor's camp.

Collect everything you can to have a larger base.

The amount of resources you have is determined by your Junk, so you should loot everything that is in sight, so think it may be garbage, believe us you may need it, and there is nothing worse than starting to build a camp in Fallout 76 to realize that you are missing a material that you have no idea about halfway through. Do not let off any Junk until you know how much it will cost to build the next structure. Equally, there is nothing worse than throwing away something that you thought you were not going to need and when suddenly you realized that you needed it.

Trash in the trash.

One way you can be sure that your garbage is not stealing necessary space that you can use to store some other material that really does have some function to build a camp in Fallout 76, is getting rid of it, or even just not picking it up from A beginning. Use a work table, to throw away the remains or waste that you have stored that really will not have any function at the time of building a camp in Fallout 76 and thus free storage space.

Less heavy items

If you want to free up even more storage space to store more useful materials to build your own campsite in Fallout 76, you are equipping the right benefit cards.

In the Strength category, as you level up, you will gain access to benefits such as Pack Rat, Traveling Pharmacy, Scattershot and more. This will allow certain items needed to build a camp at Fallout 76 to be a few less heavy than normal. You can stack these items as you go up the level investing in your Force statistics to be able to carry even more weight on board.

The Strong Back will also allow you to carry more weight in Fallout 76.

Garbage boot in the cache of Fallout 76.

The following advice to build a camp in Fallout 76 is to take into account the Stashes, these are chests capable of storing what you keep inside them. Then you can access those same things from any other Stash on the map.

If you want to build a campsite in Fallout 76 we recommend you have a Stash at hand, you can get one in a Red Rocket Station or a Train Station, go through the areas to find a Stash, when you manage to build your own camp, you can spend Stash things back to your Fallout 76 inventory.

 Try to keep an eye on Stash's limit.

A Stash in Fallout 76 has a current weight limit of 400 pounds, and we assure you that these 400 pounds fill up very fast after a couple of trips, so when you get materials to build a camp in Fallout 76 you can Be short in less than you think. It is expected that the weight limit will increase soon, meanwhile you will have to be careful and manage it prudently.

Find an area that does not overlap another to build your own camp in Fallout 76.

After building your camp, you will see a large green sphere around, this marks the boundaries of your camp at Fallout 76, and can not be overlapped with any other nearby construction area. Your camp will turn green when you are in the right place to build, so if you start in red keep walking until you find the right place.

Discard the walls.

At first avoid spending your wood building walls.

Believe us, it is useless to build a camp in Fallout 76 with a beautiful hut but it has no machinery inside, and also believe us, at first it is very difficult to get wood and you do not want to lose it in something with so little importance ...

You will have to travel through the jungle looking for a fallen tree to pick it up, once you have it, build a workbench with weapons, armor workbench, cooking station, turret and bed on structures.

Once you have enough wood to spend on other things, you can build a complete city with it if you want. But when starting to build a camp, prioritize first having a quick access workshop instead of a permanent workshop.

Love the turrets like a tru tru.

A turret costs only one circuit, two gears, two oils and four steel resources, so when you build a camp in Fallout 76, if you want your camp to be a quick health regeneration station you will want to have your own turrets. And taking into account that its manufacture does not involve a considerable expense you can recommend building one at the time of building your camp in Fallout 76.

To build a camp in Fallout 76, take care of your Budget.

In the upper right corner of the screen you can read the word "Budget". This option is a book that shows the statistics of how much you have built in your camp, keep in mind that there is a certain amount that you can create in your designated area.

The Budget statistics will be filled as you build more structures, so in your process of building a camp in Fallout 76 try to be attentive to this statistic.

It is not necessary to build again if you move your camp.

If you decide to move your camp do not worry about having to build everything again, because you will not have to do it.

Go to the menu of your building, then to the section that says Plano and select all the structures that you want to save in a plan. This will allow your camp to remember where exactly everything was placed, and thus not lose everything you had already built.

So after building a camp in Fallout 76 and do not worry about having to build everything from scratch if you find a much better location than the initial one.
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