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Fallout 76 Guide: How To Find Pemmican

2019-05-16 16:45:14

Finding Pemmican can often become a whole journey, is that in fact it isn't an easy task, it's not complicated either, but it requires a little time and effort.

If you need Pemmican either to complete the badge of backpacking or for whatever you need, don't worry, we have prepared this guide so you know in detail how to get 3 pieces of Pemmican easily.

With the arrival of the update of "Wild Appalachia" in Fallout 76, those who want to can spend a period in the desert, a desert that does not forgive and as it's full with a lot of objects, it will also be full with people who want to liquidate you.

But the Fallout 76 update also adds Pemmican, a staple of street vendors and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

Fallout 76- Where to find Hotdogs, Pemmican and S'mores- Backpacker Possum Merit Badge

Pemmican will help you to eliminate hunger

Pemmican is a very nutritious element that will help you to eliminate hunger, but it will also help you to obtain a badge in your search to graduate from tadpole to explorer in Fallout 76, for this task you'll need at least 3 Pemmican.

In addition to making a campfire, boiling water, roasting hot dogs and making s'mores, three pieces of Pemmican are needed for the Backpacker Possum logo. The problem is that they aren't limited to being anywhere and will not be found as random loot in containers.

But this is facilitated with the new system of vending machines, where players can sell the Pemmican that you over, yes, don't expect them to be cheap, (if there is availability at least).

Or grouping repeatable missions, and the easiest way to do this is to group repeatable missions that have the opportunity to eliminate Pemmican as a reward like the repetitive Operation Tidy quest found in the Kiddie Corner Cabins area.

But to cultivate this repeatable search, first of all, you will have to start the search line in The Order of the Tadpole by finding a flyer in a train station.

After this you'll have to talk to the leader of Pioneer Scout Pompy in the Cabins of Kiddie Corner and start the repeatable search for Operation Friday.

Move around the area and collect the waste that is scattered on the ground, later you'll have to drop the waste deposits in the blue containment bucket that is near the Pompy Scout Leader.

Receive your reward that includes a Pemmican

Then you'll have to return with the Scout Leader to receive your reward that includes a Pemmican.

Keep in mind that completing it rewards you with only 1 Pemmican, but you'll need 3 to get the backpacker badge, so you'll have to perform this mission more than once to get it.

If you still have not found the hot dogs, they're in Camden Park when talking to the Zeke robot, which puts you on a search for a hot dog eating contest. Nearby you can also find Mr. Handy Zoe who will make you eat many hot dogs, in fact, as many as you can.

Find the hot dogs

If you have already completed this search, the hot dogs randomly breed in grills that are found around the badlands.

 For s'mores you'll have to complete the evening event "Campfire Tales", the s'mores recipe is given at the end of the event, which requires bone, brahmin milk, cornmeal, spices, sugar, syrup and wood.

If you get more Pemmican than you need, you can always eat it to take away your hunger, you can obviously sell it and earn some money quickly or get the effects of: +3 END, +45 HP, +0.7 Rads.

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