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Angel Marquez
2020-08-24 18:16:47

More about: Fall Guys

The action in Fall Guys does not stop so we come to explain how to obtain the Portal 2 skin.

What to know about the Portal 2 skin in Fall Guys?

  This has to do with P-body, one of the controllable characters in Portal 2, because now we will have this skin in a game that has achieved outstanding popularity, those of us who liked this portal will bring us great memories, now that we have these details It is ideal that it is our understanding How to obtain the Portal 2 skin and to help us we have to focus on the content that will be presented next in this guide, let's do it then to see what we find.
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How to get Portal 2 skin in Fall Guys?

It is necessary that to obtain this skin we get to the game store, for this we are going to open the game application, in the main menu we will notice that there are 5 icons at the top of the screen, among which is a cart that is indicative For purchases, here we will get that the skin has a cost of 5 crowns, then we have to have the amount of one of the game's currencies, we will get it when we win the games or when we improve the level in our pass battle, it is very different from the other currency the Kudos that we can win just by playing the game, it is important to note that this skin will be available to everyone, since previously it was not in this way, so we can enjoy this equally incredible article that we can access by just paying the indicated cost.

It is evident that knowing how to obtain the Portal 2 skin allows us to have more fun in Fall Guys.

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