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With our Fall Guys guide you will learn more about how to find golden eggs.

What to know about the golden eggs in Fall Guys?

Access to golden eggs is possible through 2 mini games that we can access, only these are possible randomly and our personal preferences will make an important factor, one is called Scrambled Eggs and the other Autumn Ball, on both occasions we are dependent on teamwork, which will mean that it will be very influential for a team as such, this game in itself has had an outstanding boom due to the whole framework of the possibilities that it has brought with it, the strategies have a prominent role for progress, it is worth noting some tips, specifically on this occasion we have to know how to find golden eggs, let's see the content that will help us with precise details.
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    How to find golden eggs in Fall Guys?

    •  In the Autumn Ball: it is one of the mini games that we mentioned before, in this we will have a golden egg become like the soccer ball, this randomly, meaning that its value is 5 points if it is achieved sneak into the goal, it is even possible that in this way victory in a match is guaranteed, the purpose is that he enters the appropriate goal for this we have to place ourselves in the central circle on the side of our team and be patient until we see the The ball turns into an egg as it unfolds and then we go straight to the enemy goal in Fall Guys to score.
    • Scrambled eggs: in this mini game we are going to see How to find golden eggs, being found with the existence of 3 golden eggs, where the value for each one is 5 points, once we start the game we will see that the location of the Eggs is in the center, we have to go for them pushing the other players, if we are not going to have to wait for them to be taken by another team and seek to steal them, if we are the ones who take the eggs we must prevent them from being robbed, having Take into account the resistance until the time is up, if we keep the 3 eggs we will get the 15 points in total and this is enough to go to the next round.

     In this way we finish our Fall Guys guide, now you know how to find golden eggs, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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