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Fall Guys is a very moving game and today it leads us to discover How to become a master of slime climb.

What to know from the master of slime climb in Fall Guys?

At this point it is important that we are able to master basic movements, among which are jumping, climb, diving and many more, to understand How to become a master of slime climb, we must consider that we will find many obstacles to To be victorious in this adventure, so that we have greater support it is necessary that we focus on the content that will come from here on in Fall Guys.
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    How to become a master of slime climb  in Fall Guys?


     Stage 1: here we find the scale divided into 5 levels as such and to solve How to become a master of slime climb we have at this stage that these are the following:


    •  For the first level we have that it is a question of jumping yellow triangles, in which there are also x3 pushers.
    • In the case of the second, there are rocks falling and with long pushers x2
    • We have in the third the conveyor belts, the pink inflatables from side to side moving and yellow cylinders x3
    • We're in the room and we get x4 pushers and it's hammers spinning

    For the last level, which is the fifth, there are the pink inflatables but at the x3 level, with these being a slippery liquid when moving from one place to another, here the inflatable rocks x3 are also present with the same liquid at the same time.


     Stage 2: it is important to consider the appropriate routes to be clear about how to become a master of slime climb and for this we have the appropriate options below:


     In the case of the first level in Fall Guys, when we are in the forward or backward situation, it is important to consider that a jump can be very effective if we are in the lead, now otherwise it is possible that we will almost certainly have a death instantly, to we are going to go to the yellow triangle that is located in pusher 2, in order to scale the object it is ideal that our jump is very high, thus bouncing to the right of the pusher, while in the case of the third one it is only required be able to walk correctly.


     Our way to go through the second level is simpler if it can be said, it is necessary that we avoid the constant rocks that are falling, what we will do then is walk down the slope, precisely to the right becomes more appropriate, helping us also At the time of the next jump, a gap that is between the ramp and pusher 1, it is important that we reach the platform that is located at the bottom of the pusher, this we will do with a precise jump and seeing a solution to How to become into a master of slime climb.


     We are now in the third level, here we must be to the right of the conveyor, this in order to push against the force generated by it and to be able to move, taking into account that there is a hole underneath with the yellow cylinders x3 and that we can use for our protection of the thrusts, once we are going to locate ourselves on the ramp, we have to make a jump between the 2 cylinders that are on it in Fall Guys, we will look in the direction of the yellow cylinders if we can make a turn of 180 degrees, staying in the middle of it allows us to progress.

    When we are in what we call the fourth level of How to become a master of slime climb, it is in itself the place where we have everything straight, here we will do many jumps and while they are high it is better, if we go through the wall yellow we will be well ahead of a stage of hammers, taking into account that we can be knocked down, as we continue we will be with x4 pushers, these being themselves thin, with a jump and immersion we will be able to jump under the platform of pusher 1, with something of perseverance we will achieve it.


     In the last level, the fifth of stage 2 of Fall Guys, we run greater risks, since when we are on the right side it is possible that we will be hit in the mud of roses, our best strategy therefore is to choose to place ourselves in the middle Adequately, considering the complexity of the control for the momentum when we are sliding, we find a risk very similar to the rocks that will be swinging, a key factor in this situation is time, we will be close to success in terms of How to become a master of slime climb.


     Stage 3: here we have to follow some steps in Fall Guys and these are the following:


     What we will do is press esc to go to the controller menu, or in that case the button that is assigned for it

    Climbing is an eternal curse that will keep haunting us as long as it exists, so leaving the lobby without returning is necessary

    We have to eliminate the maps of the limo climbing from our game files, this motivated to the bad experience that we have with 50 people, failing in the balance that should be had in that scenario.

     This is how we finish our guide on How to become a master of slime climb, hoping that you can get the best out of Fall Guys, a fairly busy game.

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    Last man standing, obstacle racing, battle royale
    Devolver Digital
    Release date:
    August 4, 2020
    age rating (PEGI):

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