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Falcon Age Review: An Amazing Adventure With Wings

2019-04-11 16:17:12

Falcon Age is based on the story of a girl who is kidnapped and imprisoned by evil robots belonging to an organization.

The girl is forced to do mining work in addition to having to take care of a baby hawk, who soon helps her escape the pressure and the claws of the robots that kept her kidnapped.

The mission of the girl and your mission is also directly to demolish some refineries to delay a bit the operations of the corporation and help the resistance on the planet to succeed.

Falcon Age: A game with a message 

Falcon Age: All About Bird and A Beautiful Friendship

There are already two ways to play Falcon Age and enjoy the adventure you have, one is using the PSVR to use with Move motion controllers or using a standard DualShock 4 and on a TV simply.

As our recommendation, is that, if you have access to a virtual reality headset, choose this option, it will be the best to squeeze all the adventure that the video game has.

The gameplay of Falcon Age, is simply great, the feeling that is felt to generate that special bond between human and animal is the best.

And if you play using the Move controllers, the feeling you get is indescribable when you generate interaction with the hawk, which goes from whistling and stretching your arm so that it is on top of him, until you caress his feathers amniotically.

And as we mentioned before, you can also play using a DualShock 4 controller, but really the feeling you have when using a Move controller is unparalleled, it is just great, generating an incredible interaction and realism effect.

Falco is the genus to which hawks belong, and this hawk in particular is more than just a bird that helps people escape from their captors. You will have to use the bird to search for elements and fight against the evil robots that want to control the planet.

There are many things you can do with the hawk, from whistling, making it pick up something, getting up from your hand and letting it drop in, it can fly by your side, rest on your arm and much, much more.

Testing each of the interactions is very fun if you share the same love for animals as I do, and if you also have access to virtual reality headsets, the interaction with a hawk that is not exactly an animal that you can interact with on a daily basis is Great, it's like being able to caress or care for your dog or cat.

But, as there are points that I liked about Falcon Age, in this review there are certain things about the game that I found extremely mediocre and boring.

The game environment is composed of a pile of orange stone and occasionally a metal construction that has left the evil organization of robots.

They added an exaggerated amount of things to try to deepen the experience and make it more interesting, but I think they have managed to simply make things worse by becoming super unnecessary.

They have added something that allows you to prepare dishes to feed the hawk and improve its statistics temporarily, this really we saw so absurd that we did not even use it once.

In addition, the video game will make you run from one side to another, and to do so in a world full of pure orange stones, the action becomes overwhelming and boring.

Crossing the minefields also became so overwhelming that it can take five minutes to deactivate all the mines, only to find that they are back the next time you visit.

They have also added side quests, mini-games and other small things that really seem to detach you from the adventure of feeling you and your bird against the world.

Many mistakes like repetitive textures, insects that make the world dirty, an error of how to put the electric stick that was not removed was driving me crazy.

One particular error was very annoying, before finishing the story, there was a door that had to be opened to be able to complete it, but the door simply would not be there when it really had to.

The revision of Falcon Age, left us a very bitter drink, of what the video game should really be, it is nothing that anyone could expect, it is in fact the opposite, just what nobody wanted to wait. I just think that the central objective of Falcon Age was lost.

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