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Guide to learn how to change outfit in Fairy Tail

The game Fairy Tail was developed by Gust, and as it is trending in games developed by this team, it is obvious that it will have different costumes for the cast of characters. There have even been recent news from the upcoming costume DLC, we will teach you how to achieve this change of clothes on your favorite characters.

How to change outfit in Fairy Tail?

In the game, you will see that when the gang returns to Magnolia, there will be a scene where Lucy will return home. Once this has happened, you can enter Lucy's house whenever you want.

Directly from the entrance is a white dresser with a coat rack icon above it. This is where you can change the costumes at Fairy Tail, although when you have the opportunity, you will not have different costumes to wear.

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    Costumes are obtained through moments in history, if you want something special. For simpler outfits, by unlocking a character's 4th rank, you get a Suit (Alternate Color) that is just a different color / design than her default suit.

    Any selected costume will appear on that character at all times, even if they are not part of your party. This makes your party and characters more customizable to your own tastes.

    Now that you know how to change outfit in Fairy Tail you can customize your character according to your tastes and style.

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