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Guide to learn how to obtain S class requests in Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail has just released an RPG for their fans. If you are starting it is more than obvious that the missions assigned in the guild will be of low rank, but in case it is already in a position quite a bit and you require that the S class requests involved because the final challenge, you will not worry we will teach how to unlock certain requests.

How to get class S requests in Fairy Tail?

You won't see class S requests in a while until you're in the last chapters of the game.

Once Chapter 6 is complete, you can return to the previous guild building of Fairy Tail. The class requests are located on the second floor of the final guild of Fairy Tail, but we are still unable to complete those quests.

You will have to finish the final Chapter (technically Chapter 9) and access the Epilogue to be able to take the Class S promotional Exam.
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    What happens is at the end of the Epilogue, Makarov can reach Tenrou Island to defeat a high-level monster and get his Class S certificate. The monster is level 70 on normal difficulty, so get ready.

    Once you have defeated the monster, all members of your team participating in the fight can accept S-class requests on the second floor of the guild.

    All you have to do is return to the bridge on Tenrou Island every time you want to retake the S-class promotional exam with different characters. Makarov will be waiting at the place of the image above.

    Now that you know how to obtain S class requests in Fairy Tail you can anticipate what is sold in the game and thus make forecasts for the next missions that are asked of you.

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