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Now that F1 22 is available there is a lot to learn and that is why today we will tell you how to simulate the practice.

What are practice runs in F1 22?

Practice runs are a way to familiarize yourself with the important aspects of a track, as well as its curves. And while you can also jump right into the race, practice won't hurt. So pay attention to learn how to simulate practice.

How to simulate practice in F1 22?

In Career mode, you will have to make sure that the Practice Format is set so that it is not disabled, now go to the Practice tab. To simulate the event you will have to look for and refrain from pressing X on PlayStation or A on Xbox and then press square or X for

Another option is to select the race or qualifying part of the event with A/X to skip practice.

In case you don't like the practice format in Career mode, you will have to go to the top right tab > access Practice Format and turn it off.

To deactivate the practice option by turning off the "Practice Format", without touching the weekly events ranking, you will have to avoid deactivating them. You will be able to access the option in traditional Grand Prix events and in Career mode.

Thus we come to the end of this article on how to simulate practice in F1 22, so now that we have finished, we hope you can perform your practices so that you have a better performance on the track.

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