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Today we present for you a Evil Genius 2 guide which allows us to tell you How to use Maximilian's abilities.

Exactly who is Maximilian in Evil Genius 2?

This game is somewhat different in relation to the majority, because here we are the villains, in this sense, knowing how to use Maximilian's abilities allows us in the first instance to tell you that this character is nothing more than the villain on the cover some interesting tactics which it is possible to take advantage of, and also we are allowed to use in the first game.

How to use Maximilian's abilities in Evil Games 2?

Fortunately, he has several abilities that can be used, and they are the following:

Mr. Motivator: This is an excellent skill, and it has some cool features like it is:
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    • It can be used somewhere where new rooms are being built, in the laboratory where research usually takes place, or in the control room.
    • This can be used anywhere minions may be, so they can complete work faster.
    • Knowing how to use Maximilian's abilities is fantastic especially considering that this specific ability can be used anywhere we consider necessary.
    • Using this activity in the dining room is favorable because the minions will eat and quickly return to their respective jobs.
    • This ability in Evil Genius 2 makes our guard work like a well-oiled machine.

     Motivated Speaker:
    This is another of Maximilian's leadership skills and has some cool features, such as:

    • This ability can be used in certain rooms more favorably than others.
    • It has the ability "Work harder", as it allows you to create an area of ​​effect boost that pushes your minions in order to find the radius that allows you to complete the training.
    • Another interesting skill he has is "Train faster", it is just a feasible enhancer to get the radius and complete the training instantly.

    Train or die: this character manages to have impressive dexterity, because in this sense he has the ability "Train Stronger", this in order to make all workers can become scientists in Evil Genius 2, although there is the possibility that can become Valets or Guards, it is only necessary to take some time, the important thing is to keep training consistently until the subjects can specialize.

    Employee lottery:
    just by being villains we are allowed to carry out some activities that may seem not so graceful, since this particular skill allows us to motivate subjects to witness the murder, since Maximilian has precisely been in charge of eliminating some subjects of the guard, this serves as motivation to execute a random kill, as the minions will be afraid of being the next to be eliminated.

    Maximilian can also get a little tired this makes it necessary to send him to the couch to rest, as this will make him recharge and rest as necessary to continue motivating his subjects.

    Definitely, knowing how to use Maximilian's abilities allows us to activate the minions so that they can become more powerful in Evil Genius 2.

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