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We are going to talk to you about Evil Genius 2 which makes it necessary to explain how to recruit minions, let's see.

What are minions in Evil Genius 2?

This game allows us to have a number of elements, and specifically it is necessary to focus on recruiting minions, since these are usually simply a necessary resource, there is nothing more favorable than having subjects that can help us at work, since the possibility of having some Somewhat diabolical plans are part of our nature which makes knowing How to Recruit Minions simply an interesting, fun task that can give law enforcement work to do.
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    How to recruit minions in Evil Genius 2?

    This is a necessary task that must be done continuously, because on some occasions these tend to get lost either by betrayal or by death, it is not at all favorable to run out of henchmen because they are usually a necessary attack force, in this sense, it arises It is necessary to recruit 4 to 5 new subjects in each minute in the game, the idea is to have a high number, it is also necessary to get them a rest area which implies building some beds for them, because if they do not do so they will choose to betray us, we have with the ability to control waves of minions.


    •  It is necessary to choose to train them and this is achieved by pressing "T" on our keyboard.
    • Click on the yellow tab so that minions in the training tree can appear in real time.
    • It is possible to choose to buy minions, this implies a somewhat more comfortable job only that we must have the amount of 10,000 dollars to recruit between 4 or 5 minions for our house, (it is necessary to consider not having other plans for this money before embarking in this purchase), in addition these purchases usually have a cap, which makes it only a last resort.
    • To recruit the minions it is necessary to wait for the waves, as there is no timer that can be reset.
    • It is ideal to keep a certain mole of henchmen as it is necessary to be prepared in case there are betrayals.

     This is all we can tell you about How to Recruit Minions, so it is a necessary task to be able to constantly stick to Evil Genius 2.

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