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We have made for you a Eve Echoes guide where we propose to talk about How to make ISK.

What is ISK in Eve Echoes?

To have knowledge about How to make ISK it is necessary to understand what it is, and it is only a coin, which is necessary to win, because the idea is to get as many as possible since everything is directly related to it, it is one of the most important tasks that we must perform while we are here, the advantage of all this is that on the one hand there are several ways to achieve it and on the other hand it is a fairly easy activity, so let's see how we can achieve it.

How to do ISK in Eve Echoes?

Getting coins is an interesting task and these are the options that are presented to us to get it:

  • Get ISK by selling things: here we are presented with the possibility of being able to some items in the market, the important thing before doing so is to consider that this may occur at the ITC station, it is only necessary to go to the inventory, proceed to create said item and sell it for some amount of ISK.
  • Sell ​​the plans obtained: As we progress in Eve Echoes we are offered the opportunity to get some plans, here it is important to know that the rare plans are very important, since these can be sold for a good amount of ISK, some take them to make some type of constructions but it is possible to choose to sell them, there is also the possibility of creating some plans ourselves from which we can take advantage of.

  • Accessing the Game every day: Saber How to make ISK is simply a fairly easy task, because sometimes there is no need to play to have access to some coins, this is the easiest way we have been able to get, since it is only necessary enter and log in every day, with this we get some rewards sent to our email and choose to claim them when entering the game.
  • Carry out Encounters: To do this, you just have to select the Encounters tab to get some missions that we are able to perform and choose to win, for this it is possible to go to the News tab since there is a list of activities where we can choose one to win, to access the meetings it is only necessary to touch the menu and see that the drop-down options appear.
  • Sell ​​minerals: It is important to be clear that the most common resources it is better not to sell them since they will not give us many ISKs, it is also important to consider that we will not be the only ones to do it, since there are more that are dedicated to the extraction and sale of resources in Eve Echoes which makes it a real competition, however, it is possible to be smart and opt for the creation of the mining laser to equip our ship and choose to mobilize an asteroid belt to find resources to sell.
  • Carry out logistics work: There are many options that we find and it is only necessary to go to the Menu, from there touch the Logistics tab so that we are allowed to move some objects from one station to another, it is only necessary to go to accept delivery request to take a look at the offer that may be and thus get coins.
  • Opt for anomalies and rewards: We are definitely facing a number of tasks in this game and How to make ISK is actually quite easy, since it is possible to access to take anomalies and rewards as we progress as a formidable method to get coins , for this it is necessary to prepare well, as this implies making some arrangements to our ship to be able to face the combat.

In general terms, knowing How to make ISK allows us to become the richest person in the galaxy and who is not interested, as this is a possibility while we are in Eve Echoes, so be prepared so that you can do it too.

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