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There are some interesting articles that we can find in Eve Echoes and that is why today we are going to tell you where to find Blueprints

What are Blueprints in Eve Echoes for?

This is a game where the details have some fundamental value, specifically the plans are interesting items that we can get and have a particular utility, as they are necessary elements in the construction process, of course they do not work alone, because we must get some additional resources, But with the blueprint, things can become somewhat simpler, since this is vital for the manufacture of some ships and improvement objects.

Where to find Blueprints in Eve Echoes?

There are several ways to get them and they are the following:

Take a look at the shopping centers: For this it is necessary to take a walk through the stations, since normally these usually have shopping centers, some may be more interesting than others, and these are:
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Buy them flat in the market: To carry out this process it is necessary to have enough ISK and follow these steps:

  • Go to the Menu and from there to the Market.
  • Then scroll down until we reach Ship Plans and Hardware Plans.
  • We proceed to select the one that seems necessary and proceed to buy it.
  • Then we go to the inventory where we will see Personal Assets and here we can select Use flat.

Find the plans in the anomalies: Some plans are in the anomalies that are simply random events, since it is necessary to complete them to get a plan and necessary resources that allow us to build a ship.

In this sense, knowing where to find
Blueprints, leads us to move a little, between stations and the market, because in some way it is necessary since if we want to explore the galaxy in Eve Echoes, we require a plan to make a ship where we can embark.

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