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Escape From Tarkov: How to Play – Tips and tricks

2020-01-08 12:09:30

We have made a Escape From Tarkov guide where we will explain everything about How to play

Why is it important to know how to play at Escape From Tarkov? 

This is a game that contains an inventory of characters and loads, this is what he did well online even when he has not left, because he has contacted the support of a YouTuber, because this game has an online RPG simulator that makes it a first person game and action, because it presents a pretty hard gameplay from a base construction, for we made this guide, because it is important to have clear how to play, because this game seems to get a considerable receptivity.

What is the interest of knowing How to play in Escape From Tarkov?

Obviously this game hasn't been officially released, but that doesn't mean that people don't have an idea of how it can be, since there is a beta version that the developers of Epic Games have been presenting for some time now, and it presents us with a very interesting patch 0.12 that brings many sufficiently favorable hides, even though there isn't any way to enter the game for free, since we'll have to make a specific pre-order to the official site, for an amount of 45 dollars, so that with this you get access to the beta that is closed by an invitation.

What are the items we get when we place a pre-order for Escape From Tarkov?

The beta version allows us to obtain some necessary items because a 10 x 26 cell is a storage space that we get at the beginning, there we keep some valuable objects, these are the objects that we get.

  • 1 secure container.

  • 1 knife with a bayonet.

  • 1 AKS74U with two loaded magazines

  • 2 backpacks

  • 2 tactical teams.

  • 3 Makarov guns.

  • 3 bottles of water.

  • 3 Grach or P226 guns.

  • 4 units of canned meat.

  • 6 bandages.

  • 6 first aid kits Al- 2

  • 18 pistol magazines.

  • 330 units of pistol ammunition.

  • 300.000 rubles

Escape from Tarkov is without a doubt a combat game, it presents us with excellent action options, it has some formidable enemies, shelters and hideouts, it is a pretty complete game, because the economy here can be managed directly by the player, we have the option to visit the auction house to buy or sell some items as we get or need.

It has some very attractive features, because the character usually presents extremely realistic battles where hydration, blood pressure, hunger, injuries are very relevant and visible, if we die during a battle we lose all the inventory that we have until now in that meeting.

We have options to play, but if we don't want to lose everything we can easily play as SCAV a generator character by AI, this allows us to keep some things even when we are dead, but we are limited by a timer so it can't be successful, so not all the time we must play alone, teamwork is viable.

We can conclude that knowing how to play in Escape from Tarkov is without any doubt a combat strategy well resolved and assimilated to reality, that is really worth trying.

Microsoft Windows
Action RPG, Simulator, Loot Shooter
Battlestate Games
Battlestate Games

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