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Escape From Tarkov: How to choose the best ammo

2020-01-30 16:28:39

We have made for you a Escape From Tarkov guide where we will explain all the details of How to choose the best ammunition

Ammunition is a fundamental element here, and usually becomes a bit complex for novices who must, because when you buy a magazine, usually each one brings its own ammunition making it a bit tedious, and it is often difficult due to the scenarios that we are presented here, here we get with many obstacles, among which is the use of real weapons, because for this experience is valuable in Escape From Tarkov, in addition to having money because there are different vendors, so know how to choose the best ammunition to some extent will depend on experience in weapons.  

How to choose the best ammunition in Escape From Tarkov?

The kind of armor, the targets that have some kind of viewfinder when we shoot, and some specific elements makes us really consider, our question that is our goal, How to choose the best ammunition , starting from the importance and power of them because here we are given the possibility to make a certain amount of raids and obviously we must do everything possible because they are successful, so let's see below how to choose them to get enough damage in Escape From Tarkov.   

What is the best ammunition in Escape From Tarkov?

In the following list we will go little by little breaking down the best ammunition, just specifying that, because our goal is that you can get attacks with the confidence that they will be totally feasible, here is the importance of knowing How to choose the best ammunition 

The TT pistol usually has average statistics and it is ideal not to run out of ammunition when using this weapon, so it is ideal to look for backups in the GZH rounds, although the LRNPC bullets can do quite considerable damage, if that is precisely what we are looking for, and to know how to choose the best ammunition we made this mini list, highlighting these:

  • 7.62x25mm
  • PT GZH

The Vepr and VPO- 209, are elements that really do not present greater variations in the bullets, but usually have some type of armor with an excellent speed, although not as formidable as the sniper, and these are the ammunition used by them in Escape From Tarkov

  • .366 TKM
  • EKO
  • FMJ

The pistols and SMG- PP19, Saiga 9 MPX are weapons that have the ability to penetrate the armor, causing damage in fire quite decently, besides being an excellent alternative in terms of cost, because the bullets for them are well suited to budgets, so know How to choose the best ammunition for these weapons is a really not very complicated issue in Escape From Tarkovy are the following:  

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    • 9x19mm
    • PA 6.3

    Kerd's SMG weapons are weapons with very good damage statistics, in order to get them it's necessary to take Prapor to level 3, even though they are usually quite useless against armor.

    • 9x18mm
    • SP7
    • SP8
    • PSV

    In Escape From Tarkov the arms really are usually varied, here we are the AS VAL and the VSS Vintorez, presented some unique variants SPP and BP, these arms are an excellent investment when we want to know How to choose the best ammunition, because usually they are of low cost, but between these arms we can even place the SP6, although they are something difficult to obtain in a great amount, really they are useful, because they are excellent arms that can shoot bullets with the object to cross the medium armors and they are: 

    • 9x39mm
    • 7N9 SPP
    • 7N12 BP

    The pistols MP7A1 and MP7A2, are weapons that are used to cause moderate damage to the armor, and when we are in nearby areas can really be deadly, these are the ammunition needed for them.

    • 4.6x30mm
    • AP SX
    • FMJ SX
    • Subsonic SX

    The Mosin, SV-98, 7N1 and SVDS rifles are excellent weapons in Escape From Tarkov, which are used to place bullets that serve to penetrate the armor, because if our goal is to knock down our target by shooting in the chest, they are simply phenomenal, and knowing how to choose the best ammunition is usually even better, being 'precisely these the right ones: 

    • 7.62x54mmR
    • SNB

    Knowing how to choose the best ammunition is an arduous task if we do not know much about them, so some of them will only be available when we manage to classify the Prapor at level 4, so that we can buy them and they are specifically these in Escape From Tarkov

    • 9x21mm
    • SP13
    • SP10

    Shotguns are weapons that we find in this game and that really don't require anything else, because they only use conventional bullets or 12 x 70 mm pellets. Being an excellent complement to the armor, especially for medium range combat in Escape From Tarkov. 

    7N39 and AK-74, are precisely the most powerful weapons in terms of ammunition, so here if it is essential to know How to choose the best ammunition, since it requires that they have formidable power, because they usually take care of the armor class 4, which allows to destroy virtually all types of armor in Esscape From Tarkov.  

    • 5.45x39mm
    • 7N39
    • BS
    • BT

    Probably the most important reason why we play Escape From Tarkov is simply because of the amount of weapons we can see and execute here, that's why the AKM, AK-104, SKS, VEPR and AK- 103, are a very attractive variation, 'cause they usually cause damage to the flesh in an interesting way, penetrating the armor comfortably, so if we want a powerful and fast damage, Aiming at the chest will be ideal, for this we must take into account that it would be ideal to use full pressure bullet magazines, being precisely these weapons a unique support, because knowing how to choose the best ammunition here is really a necessary cause, due to the range that these weapons have and it is precisely this type of bullets the perfect ones for them:

    • 7.62x39mm
    • BP
    • PS

    If what we are looking for in this game is to go through the armour, making use of long range weapons, as we bring here the names of the ideal rifles for this, obviously they do not need a large amount of bullets 'but if you choose one that is really powerful, the models, M700, DVL-10, M1A, SA-58 and vepr Hunter, are fantastic, and we can put this type of ammunition to them.

    • 7.62x51mm
    • M61
    • M62

    There are some cartridges that seem to be insignificant, maybe because they are not used in super weapons, but still they tend to be of phenomenal use, in the case of the Gyurza SR-1MP which is not a very cool weapon, but can be beneficial in causing some damage.

    • 9x21mm
    • SP13
    • SP10
    • SP11
    • SP12.

    In Escape From Tarkov there is really a great variety of phenomenal weapons where we can get the HK 416A5, DT MDR, AK-101, AK102 and ADAR 215, these artifacts are powerful weapons in inflicting damage to the flesh, we can vary the ammunition for various damages, an example of this is a round of M995 that serves to target the chest, where the bullet is able to pass through any armor, being probably one of the most used weapons, on the other hand if the armors are class 4 that is much thicker then we can take as an option the M855 ammunition, one way or another for these mentioned weapons this type of ammunition is required:

    • 5.56x45mm
    • M995
    • M855
    • Warmage

    In general terms, knowing how to choose the best ammunition is really hard work if you don't know, but with this guide it's all about saving time and making your peace of mind and fighting power here much better, because Escape From Tarkov immerses us in unique entertainment.

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