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Our work on Empire of Sin is just beginning and this leads us to explain how to fix crash at startup, let's see.

What is a crash at startup error in Empire of Sin?

This is another failure that occurs to us when we play, although it is true these failures can be a headache, it is worth solving them as soon as possible, especially since it is occurring with some regularity, and everything seems to be associated with the lack permission to write to the disk, because not having administrator rights, there are problems, so that it is necessary to know how to fix Crash at the beginning, since just starting this game we already get a problem that does not allow us to enjoy the game.
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    How to fix crash at startup in Empire of Sin?

    Sometimes we wind up with some bugs that can be simple but somehow not having an answer this makes them tedious, in this case, it is worth mentioning that the solution leads us to provide Steam client administrator privileges, so we focus in:

    •  Go to the Steam installation directory to locate the .exe file
    • Proceed to right-click to locate properties.
    • Then locate the Compatibility Tab.
    • Then we mark Run this program as administrator and that's it.


     When this previously mentioned solution does not work for us then it is time to perform this same process in the location in C.


    •  Another alternative that can be useful is to go to the Documents folder to locate the Paradox folder.
    • Choose to select and delete the folder.
    • Proceed to open Steam to eliminate Paradox, for which it is possible to use Windows Applications and features in this way:
    • C: / users / 'your username' / AppData / Local / Programs / Paradox Interactive /
    • C: / users / 'your username' / AppData / Local / Paradox Interactive /
    • C: / users / 'your username' / AppData / Roaming / Paradox Interactive / launcher-v2 /
    • Next, We delete the folders from the previous location.
    • We proceed to launch Steam and that's it.

     This is all you need to know about How to fix Crash at Startup, because in reality it is simple but when we do not know things it can be tedious, in this way you can continue playing Empire of Sin normally.

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