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We invite you to discover How to land, a new task in Elite Dangerous.

Why land on Elite Dangerous?

It is one of the most interesting experiences offered by the game, a feature that was added with the Horizons expansion, thereby managing to choose a planetary object and fly in the direction of it and land, when this is completed there are a series of activities on the surface, only that this requires knowledge of How to land and to orient ourselves we must consider the details provided by this guide from here on, then let's do it carefully.

How to land on Elite Dangerous?

  • Preparation: it is necessary to carry out a scan before accessing the system map, thus noting the celestial bodies of the system, then you have to pass over the planet or moon to choose it with the mouse, when doing, so we will see that to the left of the map shows certain information, which has to do with the exploration in Elite Dangerous, it is necessary in terms of How to land to be attentive to the gravity of the planet or moon, this can determine our landing, if we seek to do it in a place that has high gravity it is difficult for the forward momentum to be maintained, which will cause us to plummet towards the surface, even harming our survival.
  • The approach: it is necessary to make the appropriate adjustments in the direction of our found objective, then our course must be adjusted as we approach the angle that starts the orbital cruise, having that once we begin to see the numbers and bars in degrees, being This is the approach angle, once we approach with an angle between 40 and 45 degrees we will have a smooth transition in the glide, when entering this phase you have to keep the flight level until the glide stops, then it is possible to continue flying normally at Elite Dangerous.

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    • The landing: having total control of our ship, what we will do is descend to the surface, taking into account that when reaching 25 to 30 meters close to the surface, a deployment of the landing gear has to be made, we can do this no thanks to the radar of our HUD that it will show us the terrain when we are on a suitable area, then on How to land, we have to focus the center of the screen, because we will notice a horizontal bar that has arrows, these allow us to be aware of the necessary adjustments so that we can land with our ship, it is important that they are level, when they are blue is when we apply the thrusters in a downward direction, at the end we will automatically see the automatic deactivation of the thrusters and power plant of the ship, having once succeeded in landing.

    So we finished our guide on How to land, hoping that you can get the best out of Elite Dangerous, a very busy game.

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