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Elite Dangerous allows us to do many interesting tasks which is good and for that we must explain to you How to raise jump range.

What is the object of raise jump range in Elite Dangerous?

This is an interesting game which makes it necessary to be as active as possible, in this sense, knowing How to increase the jump range leads us to consider:


  •  The distance to which we can jump depends on some particular factors such as the type of pile and the frame shifting engine.
  • These jumps are vital to cover large distances so that exploring the galaxy is easier.
  • Some ships are more favorable to get the jumps so it is necessary to make a conscious choice.

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    How to raise jump range in Elite Dangerous?

     This is a task for which it is necessary to take into account:


    •  Make a selection of modules and that these can be properly equipped.
    • Modules are usually divided by a letter code where A is the highest and E is the lowest.
    • To execute the jump it is important to be in the letter D and this is usually given by a safe module, which allows us to get the ship to jump more comfortably because it will not have much weight.
    • On the other hand it is important to have the module A in the life support ship, this simply guarantees us the possibility of having a jump of greater reach in addition to avoiding some inconveniences that in different cases can occur in an unforeseen way.
    • The choice of the ship is an important task and for this it is necessary to make an exhaustive search, in fact, below we leave a list where it is possible to select the one we consider most favorable.


    Here are the available options:

    •  Anaconda: 146,968,450 CR - 41.3 LY
    • Aspect Explorer: 6.660.150 CR - 38,1 LY
    • Diamond sword explorer: 1.893.760 CR - 41,7 LY
    • Carrier: 51,720 CR - 36.9 LY

     Now that you know how to raise jump range, it is time to apply the tips described here and choose what suits you best, because at the end of the day you are free to choose in Elite Dangerous, just try not to die.

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