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We invite you to discover How to update the Jetpack, a new task in Elex 2.

What to know about the Jetpack in Elex 2?

It is an important tool, only that we receive it is not at the right time, but it will be very useful, because it can be improved, to know how to update it, let's see the content of this guide below.

How to update the Jetpack in Elex 2?

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    During the main missions The 6th Power we have to locate Adam to Bastion, being the base of operations we have to manage the terrain, before we climb some stairs that make us talk to him and progress, we have to the right of the stairs there is a Jetpack bank that we can use to update everything, only that we must have at least 25 intelligence before we can use it.

    A total of 6 updates are presented that we can do to the Jetpack and these are the following:


    •  The maneuvering thrusters that allow us to move while flying.
    • The sprint enhancers that help us fly faster by tightening the L3
    • The floating so that we can float and use melee or distance weapons.
    • The additional tank that increases the amount of fuel
    • Retrorockets to get a quick brake before we run out of fuel.
    • The fuel capacity that can be upgraded 50 times and the cost is 1 fuel for each.

     We hope that the information detailed here on How to upgrade the Jetpack has been very useful for your progress and fun in Elex 2 2.

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