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2022-03-04 08:36:31

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Enter the universe of Elex 2, because today we are going to tell you how to Fast Travel.

What to know about fast travel in Elex 2?

It is a possibility that will generate us an important advantage when moving almost from one place to another, taking into account that teleportation is not possible while in combat, now to know how to do it, let's follow the details that this guide offers us from here, let's see them

How to fast travel in Elex 2?

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    The first thing of importance is that this option is unlocked, you have to use some white pads to use these pads on the map, considering that per settlement there will be one of them, which places us with 35 teleporters that we must locate to activate them, managing to cover practically the entire map and make trips at any time we want, it is relevant to find the correct icons so that the map is enlarged, the fast travel points are comprised of pyramids that surround the point in the middle, similar to the icon , it means that there are many fast travel points that will make it easy for us to go from one place to another by completing the missions.

      Now that we know how to fast travel, it only remains to do it to get the most out of this function that will help us progress in Elex 2.

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