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Pay attention to this guide, because it covers everything you need to know about getting a grappling hook in Dying Light, then let's get started!

What is a grappling hook in Dying Light?

It is a tool with which you can reach places that even with Parkour you could not access, so that you can cling to different surfaces with this hook, but before you can use it you will have to know how to get a grappling hook, which We are going to tell you about it right away.

How to get a grappling hook in Dying Light?

Initially you will have to progress in the game, which will allow your survivor rank to increase, for this you will have to help people, complete missions and win challenges. Each level obtained will allow you to unlock a new skill or learn to improve one you already have until you unlock the grappling hook.

Specifically, you will unlock this tool by positioning yourself at Survivor rank 12.
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This tool will allow you to hold onto buildings, walls, floors or anything else without any problem. Besides that it can be used as a weapon, for which it will have to be embedded in an artifact and thrown towards the opponent. But despite its advantages, it is important that you consider that the ability has a cooldown, so if you use it a lot for a long time it will stop being available for a moment.

In case of losing the hook, you can return to the quartermaster to get another one and although it can be released for friends in cooperative mode, those who do not have the ability will not be able to use it.

Thus ends this guide on how to get a grappling hook in Dying Light, which we hope has been as useful as possible for you, and you can get this tool quickly.

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