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Dungeons & Dragons All Class Guide

2019-06-04 20:11:07

In D & D games, if you do not become a Dungeon Master then you are sure to take a role as an adventurer. In this last case, then it is necessary to choose what type of character you want to develop. Of course, selecting a character class requires more than just relating in terms of personality but also profession. In this sense, there are many ways in which you can build any of these classes, according to the skills that are chosen as you get to raise the level among other aspects. In this sense, that guide focuses on giving information about the various classes that can be selected in Dungeons & Dragons.

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Character classes in Dungeons & Dragons

When you try to choose a character class in Dungeons & Dragons, you probably want both the personality and the class to have some consistency during the development of the game. Because of this it is important that an investigation be carried out in the first place.

The objective of Dungeons & Dragons is just to hang out, so it's good that you know what kind of character to choose if what you want is to kill boredom and not get bored much more. In order to help in the selection of a good character class, below is a list of classes in.

- Barbarians: ideal for players who prefer big weapons and with great fury.

- Bards: very good selection between classes for those who have a taste for smart jokes as well as support magic.

- Clerics: is a kind of divine warrior who tends to be ruled by morality.

- Druids: if you've ever wanted to become an animal and tear off a man's head, then this turns out to be a great choice among Dungeons & Dragons classes.

- Fighters: the characters are quite flexible among all classes and can be equipped with all kinds of different weapons.

- Monks: is the right selection for fans of martial artists.

- Paladins: In case you like the idea of ​​protecting your friends, this is the option for you among all Dungeons & Dragons classes.

- Rangers: this class is a long-range fighter and has the ability to make friends with animals.

- Rogues: Those of this class are cunning characters who stab in the back and have a preference for hitting from the shadows.

- Sorcerers: sorcerers tend to come from a lineage of magic users and use spells of first class, it is the ideal class to select if what you have is a great taste for magic.

- Warlocks: a class more than pitcher in Dungeons & Dragons, which in turn have a particular taste with talking to demons.

- Magicians: They are the character class with great intelligence and knowledge of spell books.

Although it is a very minimal information, now you know a little more about the classes you can choose in Dungeons & Dragons.

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