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Dreams: How to Search for Creator

2020-02-13 11:10:13

Knowing how to search for the creator takes us on a tour of the wonderful world of Dreams.

Why look for the creator in Dreams?

Our friends also have a phenomenal game all over the place, and obviously it is possible that we will be provoked to play with them, especially if we stay immersed in the history mode with the recent release of Early Access, we have probably played what they have created, but these creators are interesting to get in some levels with certain people in Dreams.

How to find the creator and friends in Dreams?

In this game it is even more important to play than to create, although usually a little bit strange it tends to be like that, because we concentrate in a section of Dreams Surfing in the game, where we are allowed to be able to make a search that is given by the top of the screen where we have the alternative to get with other players, then we must select some search boxes, there we will enter the name of the creator when getting it is given us the possibility to play the levels as well as to be able to enjoy them to the maximum, because that is what it is all about here.

It is important to become friends with the creators on PS4 because with this we can select Friends under the search bar and when we get them click on their profile, then we move to the imp and + icon in the top right where breasts offers the possibility to follow them in addition to viewing their creations where we can see all the levels that they have with them.

So we have reached the end of our guide in Dreams where we explain how to find the creator and thus become friends.        

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