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Dragon Ball FighterZ: Broly Moves for Massive Damage Guide

2019-12-09 10:16:30

We have made for you an interesting Dragon Ball FighterZ article where we will explain everything about the broly moves for massive damage guide.

With the arrival of the Super Saiyan Broly legend, we also find more powerful movements, which implies command grabs, armor movements and various options to cause damage to opponents, which is why our goal should be to put them into practice and For this we bring a Broly movement guide for massive damage.

How to run the swimming guide in Dragon Ball FighterZ?

This is part of the broly moves for massive damage guide, for this it is important to use the Arc System Works, which are nothing more than a numeric keypad, from 1 to 9, which make us a representation of the joystick, but only in Dragon Ball FighterZ, in the other Dragon Ball games this has nothing to do, so let's describe them below.

  • 1. Down back (squat block)
  • 2. Down forward (bend down offensively)
  • 3. Down (crouched)
  • 4. Neutral (stand still, no entry)
  • 5. Back (foot block)
  • 6. Go ahead (just walk forward)
  • 7. Top back (jump back)
  • 8. Up ahead (jump forward)
  • 9. Up (jump neutral)

It is important to know that the default controls also have use, as this also has its use in this broly moves for massive damage guide and is represented as follows:

  • Light attack (L) = square (PS4) / X (Xbox)
  • Medium attack (M) = Triangle (PS4) / Y (Xbox)
  • Heavy attack (H) = Circle (PS4) / B (Xbox)
  • Special attack (S) = (X) PS4) / A (Xbox).
  • Dragon Rush (DR) = R1 (PS4) / RB (Xbox)
  • Super Dash (SD) = R2 (PS4) / RT (Xbox)
  • QCF (Quarter Circle Forward), this is a fireball movement, to execute it we will have to roll the stick from the bottom down, forward and then back, because with it a circle is formed at the bottom.
  • QCD (Quarter Circle Back), this is a hurricane kick movement, it has similarity to the fireball movement, only that this is actually the reverse, because for this we will have to turn the stick down, back and then backward.

What are the normal broly movements in Dragon Ball FighterZ?

These normal movements are part of the guide of broly movements for massive damages, because they really are the attacks that are most commonly used when we find ourselves playing with Super Saiyan Broly in Dragon Ball FighterZ and they are the following:

  • 5L = good reach this is the slowest foot jab in the game is 10 frames from the start.
  • 2L = Performing a quick 6-frame hit causes a soft pitch to affect the combos.
  • 5M = performing a slow start allows broly to move forward and with very good reach.
  • 2M = performing a foot attack can be used 4 times in a row.
  • 5H = here you can make a tackle and shoulder very similar to that of Android 16 when standing, it can cause a rebound in the wall and the button can be pressed in order to get more damage and more range, due to count With a super armor.
  • 6H = this is a normal command which can be special and cancelable which can be used to execute a series of chain pressure blocks.
  • J, 2H = 2H in the air, this is an air command. Air, because it has the purpose of throwing some enemy to the corner and in this way execute an automatic tracking attack if it connects.
  • 2S = this is the normal and cancelable beam attack command.
  • Assist = in this attack broly will jump to the screen and thus perform a special Raging Quake movement, this is a very special movement when it comes to extending combos and applying neutral pressure.

With this attack we finish the normal movements that we see reflected in this guide of broly movements for massive damages.

What are the special moves in Dragon Ball FighterZ?

Special removals are also part of this spectacular broly movement guide for mass damage and we describe it below:

  • Rising Quake: QCF L / M / H = carry out this execution we can jump into the air, because bloly will jump and crash into the ground, in this way it will cause a shock wave to occur on the ground, this is a movement Interesting to apply pressure from afar.
  • Draft hit - QCF S = executing this movement we can launch a burst of ki in the air upwards and diagonally, which allows us to connect an automatic tracking which causes broly to change sides, and this is highly favorable due to the Super armor you have.
  • Gigantic Fury = QCB L / M / H = this is a command capture, which aims to cause bounces on the wall when it is near a corner, it can also be followed by a combo, in this case we can use the medium version which is antiaircraft and the Heavy version which allows you to run combos from the middle of the screen.
  • Gigantic Heave- QCB X = to perform this movement in Dragon Ball FighterZ it is necessary to deploy the ground spoon because here we will grab our opponent from the ground and give it a sliding blow, this is ideal to extend the combos a bit.

This is all you need to know about the special removals found in this broly movement guide for mass damage.

What are the Super movements in Dragon Ball FighterZ?

  • Gigantic load - QCF DR = this is simply the first super level 1 of broly, it can be understood as the super DHC to execute it is necessary to make a great front tackle, because with this we achieve that broly can change sides.
  • Gigantic impact - QCF DR = we continue now with the second super level 1 of broly, this is a movement that can be used in the air, because it has the purpose of changing direction at least three times as the Spirit Ball super of Yamcha, only which has an additional entry, for this it will only be necessary to press DR once, although this is required to inflict extra damage.
  • Meteor shower- QCF DR / SD = this is the third super level 1 of broly also used in the air and on land is really one of the few invincible movements in this game, as it contains explosions of energy, which explode from him, and they fall to the ground, while broly can move again, this movement is ideal when we want to apply pressure and generate some kind of confusion.
  • Gigantic Roar- QCF DR / SD = in this movement broly wears a damaged handkerchief, his upper armor is off in the rest of the game, so the damage bonus really is very little.

DBS Broly shows us rather as a hybrid because it would be a combination between DBZ Broly and the andriode 16, as it is capable of causing considerable damage and also generating pressure to the opponent very aggressively with the ki blasts, as it presents us with blockages and grips of command, because here we just have to practice to reach the highest levels.

With this we come to the end of this broly moves for massive damage guide in Dragon Ball FighterZ. We hope it helps, and you reach a level like Goichi and Sonic Fox in the EVO 2019

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