2018-12-02 22:54:02

Dragon Ball FighterZ is the title with 2D gameplay of Arc System Works. This game manages to imitate the style of anime perfectly.

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    On the other hand, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 proposes to embody a temporary patrol boat and prevent the Dragon Ball universe from changing its history in 3D combat.

    That is why Bandai Namco has decided to launch a new pack of downloadable content for these two great games focusing on incorporating the most famous songs of the anime and the original series such as: - CHOUZETSU ☆ DYNAMIC! by Kazuya Yoshii. - YOKA YOKA DANCE by Batten Showjo Tai. - HERO ~ Kibou no Uta ~ by FLOW. - GENKAI TOPPA × SURVIVOR by Kiyoshi Hikawa. - UNMEINO HI ~ TAMASHII VS TAMASHII ~ by Hironobu Kageyama. - DRAGON SOUL by Takayoshi Tanimoto. - KYUUKYOKUNO BATTLE (Instrumental). - MOETSUKIRO !! NESSEN RESSEN CHOU GEKISEN BGM. - DRAGON BALL Z BGM. - SHIO YOBU CELL GAME. - TENKA WAKEMENO CHOUKESSEN !!