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The new challenges in Doom Eternal will lead us to explain how to beat the Doom hunter in precise detail.

What do we need to know to beat Hunter Doom in Doom Eternal?

In case we are in a game of great challenges, among these we have our first encounter with the hunter Doom, our preparation will be key, otherwise we will stagnate, in this battle we will expose ourselves to 2 phases, which will be unforeseen, It is ideal that we have an adequate strategy to manage to maintain ourselves, among the ideal strategies come to be the modification of weapons, if we want to have more details of How to beat Hunter Doom, we just have to follow the content of this guide from now on.
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    How to beat Doom Hunter in Doom Eternal?

    In this battle the first thing is to finish off his shield, it has a blue one with which it will withstand all the damage we cause it, only that our plasma rifle will be able to finish it very easily, we have to shoot the shield until it break, entering the next stage of the fight, now we can focus with everything we have in the Doom hunter, it will be ideal that we use the Lock-On Burst mod of the rocket launcher, with only 3 shots in the boss directly it will be a very simple fight, we only need a few bursts to finish it, in case our choice is any other weapon, we only have to make continuous shots at it while we do not keep it in constant movement, if we are short of health we can use the glorious deaths to weak demons.

    Once we defeat him, we go to phase 2 of this fight, for this opportunity we will see 2 Doom hunters, they are separated in order to catch us at the same time, which will result in something very complicated, the same strategy that we used previously we must continue, finish with the shields and then hit everything, the plasma rifle and the heavy barrel will be ideal to cause them a lot of damage, while maintaining the distance, we must often use the chainsaw, because we will reach the point of being without ammunition, one by one we must face the hunters and with the wide sand we can separate them.

    We hope that the information presented here on How to Beat the Doom Hunter will help you move forward in Doom Eternal.

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