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Dollhouse: Survival Tips and Tricks - Beginner Guide

2019-06-03 17:37:02

Dollhouse: Survival is a first-person psychological video game based on a horror story pertaining to the Black Cinema. The plot revolves around a detective named Marie who seeks to know more about her past. In this sense The game is developed in the mind of the detective where a series of labyrinths are presented that must be traveled in search of some objects called "memories", which are objects that allow us to advance in the game but to achieve it we will find many traps and creatures that tend to chase the player, when he turns his back on them, to try to damage him.

Given the gameplay Dollhouse: Survival , survival is a completely relevant factor and therefore it must be guaranteed to achieve it. Because of this, this guide presents some simple tips and recommendations that can help you survive a lot in Dollhouse.

Dollhouse: Survival Gameplay Walkthrough - No Commentary

Tips and Tricks for Dollhouse: Survival

# 1. Flashlight. Because the environment in Dollhouse: Survival is very dark, the flashlight is among the most valuable tools. To activate the flashlight, just press "F".

# 2. Recharge flashlight battery. Another thing that should be taken into account, is that batteries do not last forever. One thing you can do to recharge them is to move when it's off. While it is off, the movement will recharge the batteries.

# 3. Must fast but thorough. Many times it is important to go fast enough in Dollhouse, for this you can press the "Shift" key. However, great care must be taken in keeping energy for when it is needed.

# 4. The mannequins attack from behind. In Dollhouse: Survival, extreme care must be taken with the mannequins, since they attack when they are turned away.

# 5. New mannequins in each level. At each new level new mannequins appear. Each new type is unique given that they have unique articles whose purpose is to hurt you.

# 6. Use the Flash to defend yourself from the mannequins. Since the mannequins attack when they are turned away, in the dark, light can be used to defend against them.

# 7. Analyze help to collect evidence. Analyzing the environment well can help a lot in gathering evidence to understand everything, including the enemies and the pitfalls that present themselves in the context.

# 8. Analyze everything several times. While analyzing the environment is a vital part of survival in Dollhouse, it is very important to do it several times and with this you will be able to make sure you understand everything much better, since only once is not enough.

# 9. Using the Focus skill can help against enemies. While the Focus skill is used it will be possible to track the memories and all this can help with the enemies and the traps.

# 10. Get all the Memories in each chapter to advance. In Dollhouse: Survival you can move forward every time you collect all the memories distributed in each chapter. These can be obtained stored in the Film Canisters.

# 11. Using Focus or Exploring you can get the Memories in the Chapters. In order to get all the memories in each chapter, you can use the Focus or explore skill.

# 12. Use a Memory Station to use the Memories. When memories are localized, they are not viable by themselves in that way. Due to that, in order to access them and use them, it is necessary to extract them to a Memory Station.

# 13. Using a Memory Statute generates benefits. Using Memory Station not only helps to extract the Memories, but it also generates benefits such as the possibility to obtain experience.

# 14. The Blacklist Stations helps get Experience. By using the Blacklist Stations you could secure the Memories in exchange for Experience as a cost. In this sense, the Memories will be saved and included in the Blacklist in the image editor, at the end of the level.

# 15 Skill Secure Stations can grant skills. The Skill Secure Stations will provide skills that are displayed in the station and will ensure your memory, however this will not generate any experience.

# 16 Saved Memories can open doors of the Lost Room. Memories that are protected can be used to open the door of the Lost Room, which are available in the court room upon completion of each chapter.

# 17. Saved Memories should be carried to the door of the Lost Room. Memories that are saved must be brought to the door of the Lost Room. You can keep in mind that it is possible to carry several memories at once.

# 18. The Lost Room can reveal game secrets. You have a clue to help solve the puzzles, thanks to the Lost Room. Only the game must be won to collect the master key.
# 19. The Lost Room has a beacon to reveal answers. The Lost Room has a lighthouse with which it is possible to temporarily reveal all the pieces of the game.

# 20. Fixing the Script will be easier if you get Fragments. To fix the Script, it can be simpler if Fragments are collected, which are short fragments belonging to the Script and found on the walls in the chapters. Any fragments that are collected are going to be resolved, while any failures must be assembled in their correct order to get the Script correct.

# 21. Run away from the dressing room when you fix the Script. Once the Script has been fixed and with it the present dress is opened, getting to expose the version of It sought in that chapter, it is necessary to run out of the Dressing Room, as its true identity has been revealed and this implies that anything can stop you . In this bridge the traps are very dangerous.

# 22. To escape from the dressing room, find the cutting room. When the script has been fixed and unleash all the traps implying that you must flee, to achieve this it is necessary to find the Court Room, which is the door from which you enter the chapter.

# 23. Use Memories to collect new movie sequence. When it has finally been possible to leave the Courtroom safely, the next thing is to use the Memories that have been compiled and with this create a new sequence of films.

# 24. If you die, you need to retrace the steps. In Dollhouse, if you get to die, it will be necessary to retrace steps and with this find the outline of your body. This will help initiate a reproduction, which in turn will restore lost progress.

Now you have several tips that can help you a lot to survive in Dollhouse.

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