2018-12-02 22:52:40

The adventure and interactive experience on Mars, is one of the most outstanding It ends the week, and is usual in 3DJuegos, review some of the most outstanding free titles of recent days. Some of them we find an interesting interactive experience that allows us to know what a future human base on Mars would be like. Without leaving outer space, an adventure was launched that proposes to explore up to six different alien worlds. And for the fans of trains, a strategy videogame has been released that proposes players to build their own railway empire.

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    RocketGO is a space adventure videogame that proposes to explore up to six planets with unique characteristics, allowing us to command a space rocket with which we must collect alien artifacts while we travel the confines of the universe. Obtaining enough energy collected we can transform the rocket and avoid some obstacles, such as gravitational forces. A curious aspect of the game is that during the game we can find capsules with supplies left by other players. As in these videos, those in charge of presenting the video spend several minutes commenting on materials, bindings and even the size and weight of the different products. Of course, they also show the design of the game box inside and out, among other details that the most enthusiastic fans will appreciate. According to the Nintendo release schedule for 2018 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will close with a collection of 74 available fighters, plus another 5 planned for DLC. If you want a brief preview, see our impressions of Smash from our comrade Jesús Bella