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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT in PC free version

2019-03-14 12:08:59

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT comes to PC in free version.

The well-known video game developed by Team Ninja by Koei Tecmo, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, which was requested by several PC users as they have already been pleased, came a trial version and for free.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT : Free Edition - Launch Trailer | PS4

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT limit breaks onto PC with a free version

It was initially released in Japanese electronic games Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is a six-way online team wrestling game, in which players bounce, fly and climb through large open environments which seek to reduce the statistics of others until one of the players stops moving.

It has a lot of Final Fantasy characters, including villains like Kefka.

There are three versions of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT available for PC and this free version does not have certain things, including a story mode.

Allows a rotation of four characters a week, this will allow you to play against other people.

The regular edition of the video game allows to have the story mode of a player in addition to 28 basic characters.

The Deluxe Edition, offers six characters with one in a season pass, based on the online game.

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The game reminds us of MOBA, except the disposable NPCs. There are certain aspects that make the game complex, as the basic act of doing damage, for this action it is necessary to hit enemies with attacks that deplete their level of Brave and transfer them to you and change the damage movements of HP.

Tim Rogers described the video game as: "how to do your taxes on the moon."

The free PC version of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is now available on Steam along with the regular edition for 29.99 euros, and the Deluxe Edition for 44.99 euros.