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The premiere of Disintegration is near and to get you started playing with your batteries in place we have prepared a control guide for you. 

What is Disintegration?

It's the new science fiction shooting game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC users developed by V1 Interactive. Not much is known about the game, but we've prepared a guide to the controls you'll need to operate to play it.

These are the disintegration controls:

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users will modify the following controls:

  • To scroll down, you have to use the left trigger on Xbox and L2 on PS4.
  • For unit skills it is handled on both platforms with the D-Pad.
  • It drives the use of the A button on Xbox and X on PS4.
  • To recharge we have to use the X button on Xbox and Square on PS4.
  • For scan mode we have to use the B button on Xbox and Circle on PS4.
  • For the Pulse command we have to use the right bumper on Xbox and R1 on PS4.
  • For Firearm we have to use Right Trigger on Xbox and R2 on PS4.
  • To move the cursor up we have to use the Left Bumper on Xbox and L1 on PS4.
  • For the Alternative skill, we have to use the Y button on Xbox and Triangle on PS4.
  • For Emote Wheel (Multiplayer) touch the view button on Xbox and the touchpad on PS4.
  • To move, use the left lever on both platforms.
  • For Look Right use the right stick on both platforms.
  • To pause we have to use the options button on Xbox and the menu on PS4.

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    While PC users still have to operate the following controls:

    • The left mouse button is for the firearm.
    • Scroll up Shift.
    • Move the control down.
    • Unit Skill 1 1.
    • Unit Skill 2 2.
    • Unit Skill 3 3.
    • Unit Skill 4 4.
    • Follow Commander Z.
    • Toggle the center mouse button with zoom.
    • For Boost Space.
    • To Reload R.
    • For Scan Mode F.
    • To move backwards.
    • To move left A.
    • To move right D.
    • To cancel the capacity of the unit in stages, use Left Alt.
    • For Alternate ability Q.
    • For the communication wheel C.
    • For push to talk V.
    • To advance W.

    These are all the Disintegration controls and so far not much is known about the game, so we keep a close eye on anything new that might come up on the new title for the new oven output.

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