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With our Discord guide you will learn more about How to uninstall.

Why uninstall Discord?

There are different reasons to consider for this, it certainly turns out to be a platform with many features for which we play, but this may be due to the need to change applications, specific problems and more, regardless of the reason in this guide we will tell you how to do it uninstallation, let's just follow the content below.

How to uninstall Discord?

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    What we will do is the following:

    •   It is important that the application is not running in the background, considering that it is the one that is opened when we turn on our device.
    • Above the application icon in the task bar we right click to choose it.
    • We disable autorun in the task manager.
    • We go to the start menu to search the search box for applications and settings.
    • We come to this option where the active applications installed are presented.
    • We look for the one that we are going to uninstall and we can give the option to modify or uninstall it.
    • We click on uninstall and a message appears that we must confirm with a yes.


    Finally, now that we know how to uninstall we can move on without using Discord.

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