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Today we bring you a Discord guide where we tell you how to play music, let's see.

What is the purpose of playing music in Discord?

Although it is true this is a voice chat platform and that it is dedicated to other things related to instant messaging, today it can be linked to other platforms, in this sense, knowing how to play music here offers us some change in which it is necessary to carry out a type of crossing of platforms and in this way to get to enjoy a little more than Discord, making it clear that first of all what usually prevails will be our musical tastes.

How to play music in Discord?

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    There are two options that are presented to us to play music, each of these options usually has its advantages, also its disadvantages, however, it is possible to try the one that we consider most favorable, this because when we are playing it is usually favorable to have a relaxed mind with music and for this it is necessary to take into account:

    Play music using Spotify: this is a first option that is presented to us to know how to play music and for this it is necessary:


    •  Open "Discord".
    • Long we must go to the "Settings" user.
    • Then we must click on "Connections".
    • We proceed to look for the “Spotify” icon
    • Next you need to log in with your Spotify credentials.
    • We must click on the "Accept" button that is located at the bottom of the "Terms and Conditions" page.
    • Then we receive a notification that will say "Connected your Spotify account to Discord" and that's it.


     Play music using bots: this is the second option that can be used in Discord and for this it is necessary to incorporate a music bot to our server in such a way that this leads us to:


    •  Open "Discord".
    • Then it is necessary to click on the "Plus" button that is located in the lower left part where it says "Add a server".
    • You need to name and region the server.
    • We should look for a music bot website for Discord.
    • Then proceed to press the "Add or Invite" button.
    • Next we select the server to which we want to add the music bot.
    • After the verification process we will have the music bot for our server in Discord and that's it.


     There is the possibility of playing music while we are on a call and this can be done using a bot for which it is necessary:


    •  Open the site "".
    • Proceed to press the "Add to Discord" button.
    • Proceed to select the server to which we want to add the bot.
    • Choose to click "Authorize"
    • Finally, run the final checks.

     Generally speaking, knowing how to play music is really a comfortable and interesting enough task that it is only possible to perform in Discord.

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