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Do not give so many laps for Discord because we are considering why today we are considering telling you How to leave a server.

Why leave a server at Discord?

You can take this action for many reasons, because you have a lot or the existence of intolerant people, so this requires a tedious process, but if it is possible to solve How to leave a server and in this guide the necessary indications are presented, these are presented then.

How to leave a server in Discord?

The steps that tell us how to leave a server in Discord are the following:

  • We open the application
  • We go to the server in question that we will leave to enter its icon.
  • We will see a list that at the bottom there is an option to abandon it.
  • Click here, and we will have left this either on Mac or PC.

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    Server created

    • To get out of this, we enter the application on the device
    • We look for the server and choose it
    • We hit the downward pointing arrow near the name of this.
    • We will see the server configuration option, we enter and there is another list.
    • Here it is at the bottom, delete server in red.
    • We give you in this to abandon and eliminate said server.

    Server created without deleting it

    • We enter the application.
    • We look for the server and choose it.
    • We hit the downward pointing arrow near the name of the server.
    • We give it in the server settings.
    • Here we come to another list, but this time we give the option of members of this list.
    • We choose who will be the administrator by clicking on the 3 points near their name on the list.
    • We give you now to transfer ownership.
    • We go back to the server, and we click on its icon.
    • We will see the list and at the bottom is the option to leave the server.
    • We'll hit it here, and we'll go out.

    We hope that the information detailed here on How to leave a server has been useful for your fun in Discord.

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