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Find out how to add people, an important option that we have in Discord.

What to know about Discord?

We have the opportunity to add friends on the servers of this platform, which makes us have an important social network in the field of games, managing to communicate with new people, only we must know how to add people and in this guide we will have the explanation with details below, let's see.

How to add people in Discord?

What we will do is the following:
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    • We enter the application on our PC.
    • We choose the server to which we will add the new friends.
    • We give it the corresponding name to get to a menu, here we have the option to invite.
    • We click there and a text box is presented with a link to our server, we copy it and send it to our friends.
    • Only these with the link can be added to our server.
    • The time they will have to be added is 24 hours that the link will remain active, but this can be changed with the option of establishing this link so that it never expires.
    • Also, just by using the name of our user friends, we can add them to our servers.

    On mobile

    • In this case, we open the application on our phone.
    • We are going to choose the server to which we will add our friends, and this is chosen in the sidebar of the application.
    • Then we invite members.
    • We click on the gear icon near the link and change the default settings to click on create link.
    • What we will do is copy it to share it.

    We hope this information on how to add people has been useful for your fun at Discord.

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