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Disco Elysium: Where to find Badge - tips and tricks

2019-11-12 09:59:40

This time we return here with a Disco Elysium guide to tell you where you can find the badge.

What does the badge in Disco Elysium represent for us?

Any badge in any field that we find must be of great importance, because they allow us to be able to open practically all the doors, in addition they allow us to remember that at some time we were detectives, therefore the importance of being able to find it, because only our style The game will instruct us to achieve it, because it is possible that our search will take us along several points.

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Where can you find the badge in Disco Elysium?

There are two options to get the plate one is to use Joyce, only to help you you will have to do her a favor, the other option is to get it on our own, for this it is necessary to go to a small fishing village that is at west of Martinaise and is called Fishermen Shacks, to get to this place, we will have to wait until Wednesday, because it is the day when the waterway can be closed, and this allows a bridge to be created, whose objective is to allow us to cross from side to side to continue the search.

The best thing here, is to hope that the ice can melt and we can mobilize in the vehicle, it is precisely this place where we will have the opportunity to see the face of a lot of information of interest, only that the most relevant for us at this moment are the tests of our authority, that is the meeting of the badge.

Finally, getting the badge in Disco Elysium is vital, since it really reminds us of who we are in this game.

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