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Disco Elysium: Klaasje Arrest Guide

2020-01-06 17:08:29

Our Disco Elysium guide brings us in order to get a guide to the Klaasje Arrest.

  This guide of Arresto Klaasje takes us through this event that occurs at night in the room, because that is where we will have the possibility of getting some information regarding the murder, because for this it is important to knock on the door and enter in order to get more details.

Where can we get klassje in Disco Elysium?

 Getting to klaasje is important to get some information, about the night of the murder, because we must know some details for it is required that the body is down, for it a tape of Titus is needed that reproduces and checks, which we leads to confrontation, where we have some contradictions, which lead us to the second part, so it is vital to get klaasje on the roof of the hotel, which we will reach the bedroom and interact with the doormat, there we will see that she is placed in the railing while we smoke and talk about what happened, she is usually the little communicative here it is ideal to send it to processing before the interview because she still has her body hanging.

 What can we say about the Klaasje Arrest in Disco Elysium?

 She usually provides enough information, it is sincerely worth talking with her and reviewing her dialogue categories, only that it normally does not forward details about the progress, it is very likely to talk with Titus and this carries with it the plot of the main research that takes us through history.


We hope our Disco Elysium guide has been useful and you already know everything about the Klaasje Arrest, and this will give you a possible murder solution.

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