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Disco Elysium: How to Pass Time in the game - tips and tricks

2019-12-12 12:15:13

Despite being on sale for several weeks, many players still wonder  How to Pass Time Disco Elysium and here we answer you. 

What is Disco Elysium about?

The role-playing video game developed and published by ZA UM was released on October 19, 2019 and is available to PC users, although a second release is expected next year for PlayStation and Xbox One users. 

We've been playing for several weeks but many players still don't know how to spend time in the game, especially new players, so we've prepared a detail for you.

How to spend time in Disco Elysium?

For the advanced game clock it will be necessary something very simple, it will be necessary to be talking to someone, no matter with whom, luckily it will not be difficult to find something with NPC at least until they go to sleep.

You can search for Joyce or Dicemaker, who have many dialog options and can spend quick time with them.

Reading is also a way to spend time in the game, so we recommend you buy one or some books when you're on an adventure.

Sitting on the benches is another way of spending time, so when you find one just sit down and time will pass.

The best way to make time is to read your ledger files.  Each case file takes 30 minutes to read in the game, they often pass the time pretty quickly.  Ten in mind that when Kim was part of the adventure the best way to make time pass will be this last one.

We hope that our guide on  How to Pass Time in Disco Elysium and each of the methods we highlight will be very useful, my favorite methods are reading files and reading books, although you also have several options to choose your favorite so good luck.

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