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Disco Elysium: How to Get to the Fishing Village

2019-12-16 16:47:29

In Disco Elysium we will find from one moment to another in the situation in which we must go to the swampy areas that are to the west, only we will have an obstacle, the water lock will bend like a broken bridge, now the explanation that is presented has the objective of letting us know how to get to the fishing village, let's see what the following content brings us.

How to get to the fishing village in Disco Elysium?

The only way to get to the west of the map is to close the water lock, which is close to the pawn shop on the left side, along the road from the Whirling-in-Rags, without being able to go further towards The south will be on our left at that point, the detail is that when we are going to throw the lever in charge of closing the blockade, it will not work, the information obtained when investigating, children say that it was damaged by a car and will not work for this reason.

What should we do to close and cross the water lock in Disco Elysium?

The repair will not be possible on our part, therefore we must be patient, since at the beginning of day 3, some workers will do it for us, so that give rest we will not be able to use it until this happens, the moment we will only go to this place, in order to throw the lever and close it, our route will be the other side, which will take us to the fishing village, a community of shacks and buildings in ruins, for the rest of the game access will always be there, so we don't have to worry, if we want to know who did the damage, we will only go north once we cross.

This concludes the article, highlighting the topic explained, How to Get to the Fishing Village in Disco Elysium, we hope that in this content, our readers find the answers and find them useful.

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