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Disco Elysium: How to Get the Hanged Body Down - tips and ticks

2019-12-17 10:19:37

The following content of this guide has the detailed explanation of How to lower the hung body in Disco Elysium

Despite being one of the initial tasks in Disco Elysium, it will have a high degree of difficulty, we must know how to lower the hanging body of a victim which we will find in a tree, for this we must do different things, in this guide will be all necessary answers and our advice is to pay attention to the following content.

What should we do to lower the body in Disco Elysium?

It is necessary to know how to lower the hanging body and for this we have 2 possible options, shoot the belt that has it held to the tree, or the other option is that we go to see Evrart Claire, is the union leader, asking him to send people to To carry out this work, of this option, you have to go through Measurehead, we are talking about the supremacist racial, which is 7 feet high and that, in addition, guards the button that allows access to the port gate, there are different ways to do it.

The other way that allows us to solve how to lower the hanging body, is to reach Evrart Claire, with the aim of asking for help, but the detail is that it has good surveillance in the port office, there are 3 ways in which we pass, through a different way, access the good part of Measurehead or tear it down.

We will have the details that in the second option presents 3 ways to get to Evrart Claire, these will help us find a solution to How to lower the hung body in Disco Elysium so let's move on:

· Different way to get to Evrart Claire

In the only existing entrance of the port we have the presence of Claire's guard, but one way to reach Claire is an alternative road, in the courtyard where the body is hung, we will go to the right in which there are wooden pallets piled up against the wall, which will give us the revelation of a door, which gives access to the secret Cuno hiding place, we will go up the stairs until we reach the ceiling, and here we will notice that on a railing above us, there will be a coat hanging , which in turn we will have the option of jumping off the roof towards the corridor, to achieve it we will land on the catwalk and then Kim will follow us, we take the coat and to reach Claire it will be enough to go straight and so the solution to How lower the hung body in Disco Elysium by means of option 2 that was spoken at the beginning.

· Access the good part of Measurehead

In order for this alternative to allow us to go through and reach Claire to seek help with our solution of How to lower the hung body in Disco Elysium, we have to make our character a racist, we will dialogue with the guard of our beliefs, then we will check the conceptualization, it is easy to be subscribed to the advanced racial theory, to achieve this we will have a new thought, with the name of the advanced theory of the race, we must internalize it, which will take us away 1 hour and 40 minutes in Disco Elysium, and then return, in addition, We will have the option dialogue, which will allow us to access through the office door, it is possible to discard this racial thought later when passing through a skill point again.

Tear it down

How to lower the hanging body has become a challenge, but we are already having all the possible options at our disposal to achieve it, Here we talk about knocking it down, which in itself will be the easiest way to pass, we will approach Measurhead , when talking with this we will notice an option in the dialogue which says Knock him out, with this we enter a test for our physicist, it will be somewhat difficult but there are paths that will facilitate it.

In the dialogue we can make some gaps about racial theory, which will cause you to feel insecure, we will look for a white shirt, which will give us a 1 in physical instrument if we have it on, we will find it in one of the trucks, just south of the deformed statue, if we fail, it will place a lock and tell us that we must admit that we are drunk before it will let us go, otherwise it will cause us physical damage.

Now that we succeed, we will hurt what is necessary to be in a position of vulnerability, there is an option here, to give the racist a kick, that will be the option that we will select, the spectacular attack will leave you unconscious, so we press the button that will give us access to the door, we cross it and when we pass the port, we will arrive at the office of Evrart Claire that is on the containers, we will have a long dialogue with it, and then it will help us to our solution of How to lower the body hung in Disco Elysium, when passing the message to Measurehead, which already regained consciousness, just talking with it will lower the body.

With this the guide comes to an end, where we had the opportunity to find the solution to How to lower the hung body in Disco Elysium, we hope that this will give them the utility they were looking for.

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