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Disco Elysium: How to Find Ruby - tips and tricks

2019-12-23 11:35:41

Next we have an article in which the explanation of How to find ruby in Disco Elysium will be made.

  We will find throughout Disco Elysium many mysteries, missions where you have to solve criminal mysteries and be a detective, for the most part we have the approach of a missing member, that is what we are going to solve in this article, we will know how to find ruby from of the following content to present.

  What should we do to find Ruby in Disco Elysium?

  It is important in the first place that we improve our chilling ability, which will allow us access to the events in the city, thanks to the improvement we will have a little more ease when facing different situations, to make this improvement , you have to perform certain missions that will require a change of clothes, so we will have the possibility that we have meetings that employ Shiver.

How to find ruby in Disco Elysium?

  With our high chill level, we will go beyond the fishing village to the swampy area, which has the name of Land's End, we have to go to locate a mural in the Feld building, next to the promenade is this mural, which is surrounded by bricks, inside we will find two options to pass, Savoir Faire or Physical Instrument.

  In the case of Savoir Faire, we have to reach the roof by means of stairs and the physical instrument refers to a pipe that will open through the boardwalk, giving us access to the building in the basement we will find a ruby, saving it will be important, since otherwise we will lose many search lines, it is good that we save to enter and the rest depends on what we decide to do.

  We reach the end of this article, where the guidelines contained in this explain how to find ruby in Disco Elysium and therefore we hope that they will be useful.

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